Term Life Quote

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Use Case Scenario

The Term Life Quote business process guides the call center rep or broker through the collection of the information needed in order to collect a term life quote, and subsequent application if needed.

User Story Description

A customer calls the call center or agent/broker office to request a quote for term life.  The representative collects the required information, then presents the options of products and pricing to the prospect.  Prospect indicates interest to Apply Now, Get Quote, or pass.  The following describes each path:

  • Apply Now.  The representative collects all the information needed to fill out the app. Often, the medical underwriting questions are done by phone through a tele-underwriter.  In other cases, the underwriting questions are gathered by the paramed who also takes blood sample.  The rep needs to set expectations of all the required steps to complete the underwriting.
  • Get Quote:  In the case where the prospect wants to see it in writing, the preferred mode is collected (mail or email), and the quote is fullfilled.
  • No Nothing:  Best practice is to better understand why the prospect doesn’t want to proceed.

The scenario can be triggered also from a Customer Portal page where the customer asks to get the quote, and interacts with the process without the CSR.


This Process Can Be Delivered Across These Channels
Self Care
Service Agents
Business Sales Agent