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Use Case Scenario 

The start interaction flow guides the CSR to track the call done by the customer.

The flow will identify the contact that are calling, verify his data, and finally will authorize the CSR to accept the call and continue with the problem description through the flow’s steps.

User Story Description 

A customer calls the telco call center for a problem or a request.

The CSR that receives the call, once the account is identified by the console, can start an interaction flow (using the related button or action) in order to track the request of the customer and/or help the customer to solve his problem.


Contact who call the CSR normally is identified by the MSISDN. But in case of not active subscription the contact can use another MSISDN to call the CSR and will be identified manually by the agent.

  1. Task is logged to track customer interaction and his\her request.
  2. As per recommandation, Interactions are stored as Task in completed status.
  3. No external validation system, customer is validated against birthdate and email.


It is possible to implement some different approaches on this flow for example:

  • Instead of use the mail and birthday to verify the identity could be possible to call an external Identity management system in order to validate some input data received from the contact that is calling.
  • This implementation consider the start interaction as the main flow inside which start all other services flows. Could be possible to reverse this logic and embed this flow inside the service flows in order to do these atomic.
  • Can be tracked all the choises done  by the agent during the interaction and added directly in the final comment text box.


This Process Can Be Delivered Across These Channels
Self Care
Service Agents
Business Sales Agent

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