Report an Outage

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Use Case Scenario

The report an outage flow guides the CSR to define all the parameters needed to open a case with type outage in order that in case a customer call for a trouble the CSR can retrieve these outage and help the customer with his problem.  The flow starts from the home page with the dedicated section.

User Story Description 

It possible during the life of a telco that some problem occur on his system/network. Can happen that some cell shout down causing a loss of signal for a mobile customer or that a router is broken and a fixed line service is interrupted.  And also can happen that the telco himself plan an outage due to the hardware change or new software installation.  For all these reasons the CSR agent can open on the system an outage case that help the agent during an interaction with a customer that report a trouble with his assets.


  1. To track the outage is used the case object with a specific “Outage” type.
  2. We use the premises vlocity object as possible map for the fixed line.

Alternative Approaches and Key consideration

It is possible to implement some different approaches on this flow for example:

  • Instead to use the premises addres, it is possible to map the telco’s network with some other type of object or use a map on an external system.


This Process Can Be Delivered Across These Channels
Self Care
Service Agents
Business Sales Agent

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