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The platform powering industry cloud apps.

From data migration to back-office integration, omnichannel sales and service to mobile and analytics, learn how the world's leading industry cloud apps deliver customer value in half the time and cost of custom solutions.

The platform powering industry cloud apps.


In the industries that Salesforce serves, direct interactions with customers can be short – and far between. Yet their experience in those fleeting encounters determines if they become a promoter or a detractor. The interaction needs to be complete, accurate, fast – and completed in a channel of the customer’s choosing. Most importantly, your employees need to connect with customers on a personal level – letting your brand values shine through. With OmniStudio, users can focus on the customer, rather than the software.

A powerful suite of task-based components transforms your system with deep industry-specific transactional capabilities. With easy to use guided flows, you’ll be able to consolidate applications, speed new users to productivity, and reduce your overall cost to serve.


Craft dynamic customer interactions without code, and deploy to multiple channels and devices.

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Manage complex data structures natively on the Salesforce platform with declarative data mapping and REST interfaces.

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Industry Console

When your customer calls, take action from the Salesforce Industries Industry Console – with the ability to launch dozens of guided flows from a single page.

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Process Engines

Present personalized offers, filter and recommend calculate rates and fee, recommend products – all based on easily configured rules.

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Clickstream Analytics

Salesforce Industries integrates deep analytic capabilities with our app to deliver actionable insight for our customers.

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WYSIWYG drag and drop editor allow you to style and brand data from inside and outside of your org.

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