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Ecosystem of Vlocity Partners

The VIP Program

We have just launched the new Vlocity Industry Partner (VIP) program at Vlocity!  This new program enables us to formalize our go-to-market partnerships, by industry, with leading consulting and technology companies around the world.  Together, we can provide the most comprehensive, modern, and agile solutions to the world’s largest companies in the industries that we serve.  Download the new VIP Program Guide to learn more about the program and our approach to building effective go-to-market partnerships with leading companies in our industries.

Salesforce App Exchange

Vlocity is honored to be a Salesforce AppExchange Premier Partner. Vlocity is co-located with Salesforce at their headquarters in San Francisco to facilitate collaboration and shared alignment on product and technology roadmaps.

Consulting Partners

Consulting VIPs provide services that complement our Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps, have expertise in one or more of our target verticals, and are seeking to build a practice based on our offerings that they can recommend, implement and deploy for their clients.

Accenture is a global management consulting company with the world’s largest Vlocity practice in Communications & Media.

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Deloitte Digital provides Vlocity implementation and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including 80% of the Fortune 500.

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IBM is a global technology and innovation company with a growing Vlocity practice, enabling digital transformation and AI for any industry.

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More Consulting Partners

Technology Partners

Technology partners offer complementary applications, content or other technologies that support Vlocity Industry Cloud apps and are chosen based on the added-value and relevance to Vlocity customers. 

The Vlocity Certification Program

The Vlocity Certification program is for partner technical resources that are responsible for deploying the Vlocity Industry Cloud solutions for customers. This program establishes a standard measure of knowledge for the different project roles and products that can make up a complete Vlocity deployment team.

Ecosystem of Vlocity Partners