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We Give Back: Supporting Our Troops and Their Families

The Lake Forest USMC Support Committee recognizes the service of the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, and provides support for the members of this unit and their families.

Jul 20, 2020 by Joe Napoli
Solutions Engineering Recruiter
3 minute read
We Give Back: Supporting Our Troops and Their Families

I have made it a priority in my life to dedicate resources and time to support communities in need. Be it the wounded warrior project, or fundraisers at my daughter’s school, giving back has always been something that I’ve valued. As the son of a veteran, I’ve been cognizant of ways I could support the individuals who serve and protect our country. 

I had the good fortune to be introduced to the Lake Forest USMC Support Committee in my pursuit of a local hands-on initiative six years ago. The Committee is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit, with a mission to enhance the lives of the Marines of the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion and their families. The Marines are based at Camp Pendleton, just a short drive from my own community in San Diego County, California. When I was first introduced to the unit, I was surprised to see the average age was between 19-23. Furthermore, about 30% of them already had families of their own, and yet they were incredibly selfless and appreciative. And when I met one of their Sergeant’s, I was blown away by her character, determination, and desire to serve. Her conviction, poise, and commitment to her country was so impressive, and made it clear to me that this was a group of individuals who I wanted to support.       

Our committee engages in a number of initiatives throughout the year to provide resources, and host events to support the battalion and their families. Before a new school year starts up, for example, we fundraise to get school supplies for their children to ensure that they’re ready to successfully tackle their schoolwork. Other initiatives include creating and sending care packages to members who are forward deployed, hosting an annual Summer Family Day as well as celebrating the USMC birthday in November. Additionally we support members and their families during each holiday season with special meals because family time is invaluable.

I have been a proud member now for six years, and I have seen so many incredible events take place to provide much needed support. One memory that stands out is last years’ Summer Beach Bash. It takes place across the street from the base in Oceanside, CA, and we barbecue burgers and hot dogs, we provide all the fixings, as well as condiments and desserts. We also have a tug of war tournament, play volleyball and hold pie-eating contests. Last year’s pie-eating contest had six contestants, all Sergeants, and consisted of five men and one woman. And in no less than 60 seconds, the female Sergeant was crowned our winner, taking home a 60” flat screen smart TV. 

Being a part of this organization has shown me the value of community and bringing people together. It is amazing to see civilians and our servicemen and women congregate as one. And when the troops experience the consistent reciprocation of service and support, it truly shows them how much they are loved, appreciated, and prepares them for life after the military.

Learn more about the Lake Forest USMC Support Committee.

Vlocity Value - We Give Back: Giving back is becoming increasingly important and is prioritized in the enterprise technology business community nowadays. Since the founding of the company, one of Vlocity’s core values has been “We Give Back.” This value aligns with those of Salesforce closely, particularly when it comes to Vlociters volunteering their time or corporate charitable donations in the health and human services arena. This post is one in a series of posts sharing stories of our employees, customers, and partners giving back in a wide variety of ways. 

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