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The Telco Customer Experience – Reinvention from the Outside In

Communications Veterans Present How to Build “BSS in the Cloud” to Serve Today’s Connected Customers.

Aug 12, 2016 by Dan Ford
SVP & GM, Communications
3 minute read in Communications
VTALK for Vlocity Communications Cloud

By Dan Ford and Rip Gerber

Exclusive Outtakes from the annual Communications V-Talk: Summer 2016, The Exploratorium Main Hall, San Francisco, California (July 2016)

Communication Service Providers are getting hit hard on all fronts: demanding customers, innovative new competitors, tough regulatory constraints and brutal economic environments across the globe.  Are they worth saving? Communications veterans believe so. At the annual Communications V-Talk Summer 2016 Summit in San Francisco, executives from the telco industry shared the new digital transformation underway in the global communications market, and how “BSS in the Cloud” is the new mandate in telco boardrooms in every market.

In this exclusive session, a panel of experts revealed how telcos need to be able to put the customer front and center using modern and compelling cloud and mobile technology.  At the foundation of enablement is CRM – Customer Relationship Management – that delivers fast and agile offer and promotion deployment, quick response for sales, resolutions and omnichannel self-service and guided selling.  Further, the move from legacy to cloud requires seamless integration between cloud CRM leaders like Salesforce and Vlocity comms-specific apps with telco processes out of the box.  This innovative agenda delivers what the market now demands: a perfect purchase process and exceptional service on any device, via any channel, all the time, any time.

Topics discussed in the “BSS in the Cloud” panels include:

  • Why access to a 360 view of the customer with full interaction history is the key to winning the communications service and brand battle
  • How streamlined customer service can be achieved with cloud applications that include offers guided selling, omnichannel service and instant cognitive troubleshooting using OmniScript™ processes and branching logic
  • What to look for in cloud apps that enable processes including location, current services, preferences, promotions, recommending products and services based on key demographic information and more
  • How building a strong customer-centric foundation, rooted in the cloud, allows telcos to deliver optimal customer experiences through personalized communication, quick deliverability of products and services and active engagement throughout both the purchase and support processes

See the event in its entirely, or cue to specific sessions focused on elements of “BSS in the Cloud” including CPQ, Order Management, Enterprise Product Catalog, Dynamic Pricing, Telco Data Models, Comms Cloud architecture, recreating the “Uber” experience in the contact center and more.