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Vlocity Selected as a Finalist for 2018 Glotel Award Based on Successful KPN Transformation Program

Vlocity is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a finalist in the category of BSS/OSS Transformation Excellence for the 2018 Global Telecoms Awards (GLOTELS), taking place on Thursday, Nov. 8th in London, England.

Sep 17, 2018 by Vlocity
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Vlocity Selected as a Finalist for 2018 Glotel Award

As a leading innovator in the communications industry cloud sector, Vlocity is delighted to be recognized by the Global Telecoms Awards for its cutting-edge technology that is transforming the way communications service providers (CSPs) engage customers and do business. Vlocity’s agile, cloud-based, omnichannel applications are industry-specific and built additively and natively on the Salesforce platform—the world’s #1 CRM platform—delivering the targeted digital solutions today’s global CSPs demand. With a growing industry presence and a strategic relationship with Salesforce, Vlocity Communications’ industry domain expertise and cloud-native (BSS) applications enable service providers to launch new offers in hours, accurately capture and fulfill orders, and seamlessly engage B2B and B2C customers across any channel or device.

Today’s CSPs are constantly looking for ways to increase business agility, reduce IT costs and eliminate complex customizations, and deliver a frictionless digital experience to their customers. To achieve this, they are turning to the industry cloud and replacing their legacy customer engagement systems with cloud-native CRM and BSS solutions that deliver rapid time to value, are highly secure, configurable and scalable, and that deliver frequent innovation updates.  Vlocity is at the forefront of this technological wave, and provides a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Product Catalog, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Retail Clienteling, Contract Management and Order Management applications that support and optimize telco business operations.


Vlocity was shortlisted for the Glotel BSS/OSS transformation award on the basis of its highly successful BSS transformation program at KPN, the Netherlands’ leading telco.  

KPN is the Netherland’s leading telco, serves more than 7 million customers, and generated revenue of €6B in 2017.  In 2013, KPN found that its legacy, siloed IT systems and processes were hindering the introduction of new products, driving customer dissatisfaction, hampering sales productivity and service delivery, and costing too much to maintain. In 2014, KPN embarked on its “Strengthen, Simplify, and Innovate” strategy, starting first with its consumer business.  KPN’s goal was to become the best service provider in the Netherlands, while reducing costs by €450M. By simplifying its consumer product portfolio and processes, implementing a unified digital customer engagement layer and replacing legacy OSS applications, KPN significantly improved consumer NPS, business agility and reduced costs.

“Vlocity and Salesforce provide KPN powerful omnichannel and digital applications built specifically for our industry and are helping KPN deliver bundled ICT and telco services for our B2B customers. We think this will be a true differentiator for us in the market.”

– Bouke Hoving, KPN Executive Vice President of Networks and IT

In 2017, KPN began its B2B business transformation starting with its small & medium enterprise (SME) customer segment.  With fixed line and mobile voice revenues in decline, the company focused on simplifying its B2B product portfolio, processes and IT systems, and launching a new multi-play offer “KPN EEN Business”.  KPN selected a comprehensive suite of omnichannel, digital Cloud BSS applications from Vlocity and Salesforce and executed its transformation program with support from Vlocity, Salesforce and Cognizant.

The project began with a rapid 15-week proof of concept that demonstrated the Vlocity/Salesforce solution’s ability to support the sale of KPN EEN Business, and to deliver a streamlined, omnichannel customer experience.  In just 5 months, the program was in production and KPN’s results have been outstanding:

  • 47 point increase in NPS for KPN EEN Business
  • 250% growth in orders
  • 57% reduction in delivery cost
  • 64% reduction in service cost

Bouke Hoving, KPN Executive Vice President of Networks and IT could not have been more pleased with the success of KPN’s transformation project, “Vlocity and Salesforce provide KPN powerful omnichannel and digital applications built specifically for our industry and are helping KPN deliver bundled ICT and telco services for our B2B customers. We think this will be a true differentiator for us in the market.”

Vlocity invites those attending Dreamforce 18 (September 25-28) to register for the following breakout sessions where they can meet Bouke Hoving and learn more about KPN’s transformation program.

  1. When Simplification Becomes a Digital Differentiator at KPN
  2. Vlocity's Digital Transformation Masterclass for Communications


Now in its 6th year, the Global Telecoms Awards recognize innovation from companies involved in advancing and transforming the telecom industry. Participating companies include service providers, software providers, systems integrators, and consultancies. Vlocity is excited to be shortlisted for this prestigious award and looks forward to attending the gala event, networking with other industry leaders, and having an opportunity to further demonstrate the digitally transformative cloud-based technology that has made Vlocity so popular—and so successful.

“We’re incredibly honored to be recognized by the prestigious panel of judges who oversee the 2018 Glotel Awards,” said Dan Ford, SVP and General Manager, Vlocity Communications & Media. “We’re particularly proud to showcase the tremendous business results KPN  is experiencing from their use of Vlocity and Salesforce applications, and it’s wonderful to be recognized by our peers in the telecom sector.”

Visit 2018 Global Telecom Awards for more information about award categories and finalists, and to register for the November 18th gala event.

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