Employee Success @ Vlocity: People Are the Core

Our success depends on building, developing and empowering a diverse, talented, energetic, creative and high performing team who support each other and give back.

Jan 10, 2019 by L. David Kingsley
Chief People Officer
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Vlocity Employee Success People Are the Core

In many ways, the tech industry is no different than any other industry today when it comes to corporate ideals.

“The success of a company requires the broadest possible set of ideas and insights, and only by having people with different backgrounds can that important goal be achieved.”

– David Schmaier, CEO & Founder, Vlocity

There’s a lot of rich discussion around company core values, guiding principles and commitment to diversity and inclusion… but how does it all fit together, and how do we ensure it all shows up in  a company’s internal culture?

Transparency is a great place to start, so we’re glad to share what we’re working on in terms of our culture as we scale around the world.

At Vlocity, we’re 100% committed to providing a supportive, collaborative, and respectful workplace for all employees.  And just like our products accelerate the customer journey, Vlocity as an employer is accelerating the employee career journey with an emphasis on mutual support, collective success and professional advancement.

We’re especially proud of the design and development work that goes into building our amazing products: it’s the work of an industry-leading team of engineers, where more than a third of the team are women – a figure almost three times the industry average. And this is no happy accident. Vlocity Employee Success supports and encourages the hiring and development of qualified and empowered talent from a wide spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. Simply stated, our success requires a diverse and inclusive workplace...because creating a psychologically safe and respectful work environment is not only good for business (because great people like to work with great people), it’s just the right thing to do.

We’re working hard to build an impactful product, built by Vlociters working in an inclusive, safe, respectful, and engaging work environment where employee success is a top priority.  In many ways, Salesforce has set the bar for today’s modern tech companies.  Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Giving Back, Equality, Wellness, Transparency and Fun.  As a Forbes Cloud 100 company, and one of Salesforce’s fastest growing partners, we strive to model this brand of culture while aligning with Vlocity’s unique core mission and values.   

And no success story is complete without the element of giving back. At Vlocity, we are devoted to the communities in which we live and serve, understanding that at the end of the day, we are accountable to each other, no matter our background nor economic standing in the world.   We believe that positive social impact is no longer a right, but a responsibility. 

We’re especially proud of the design and development work that goes into building our amazing products: it’s the work of an industry-leading team of engineers, where more than a third of the team are women – almost three times the industry average.

Each cohort of our new hire bootcamp includes a ½ day of service, with our new hires leaving the office to volunteer out in the local community.  Not only is it a great way to build team camaraderie, but it’s a great way to put our core values in action with our new Vlociters within their first few weeks in the company.  Giving back has been at the foundation of Vlocity since the beginning for us. At our inception, our founders pledged 2.5% of our equity to UCSF Benioff Children's hospital in San Francisco.  And in India, we’re proud to be a key corporate supporter of Sukrupa, which focuses on educating students in Bangalore who come from underserved communities, and who otherwise would not have the benefit of an education that prepares them for university and beyond.

Vlocity is constantly working to enhance all aspects of the employee experience. We’re building a world-class company, one career at a time. When we see our people succeed together, we know we’re setting the right conditions for success.

Vlocity welcomes all.  In our journey as a company -- and as individual Vlociters -- we recognize that our diversity is our strength. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees to bring their authentic selves to work every day. Come join us!  

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