Vlocity Delivers Vlocity Clickstream Analytics

Extending the Power of Salesforce Wave Analytics to Allow Contact Centers to Analyze and Learn from Every Customer Interaction, Across Every Channel.

Sep 1, 2016 by Vlocity
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Vlocity Delivers Wave Clickstream Analytics

Wave Analytics apps empower business users to get smarter about their customers, making it easier than ever for employees across any function and industry to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly, from any device

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics™ harnesses the power of Wave Analytics to instantly turn insights into actions and dramatically improve customer engagement and satisfaction. See Vlocity Clickstream Analytics™ in action at Dreamforce 2016, the largest gathering of customer trailblazers

San Francisco – September 1, 2016 – Vlocity today delivered Vlocity Clickstream Analytics, an app powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics, allowing business users to learn from the valuable insights of customer interactions, at a click-by-click level of detail from any device.

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics is currently available on the AppExchange at https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EMfNvUAL.

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics provides actionable insight into real-time operational data and detailed click-streams generated with every customer interaction. Combined with the Vlocity Interaction Platform, business users “test-n-learn” with data collected during customer interactions. Analytics users can see where a self-serve or contact center user is spending time, and then streamline that process, and then observe if the times and clicks improved. The business benefit is faster innovation and optimized customer interactions. Customers will be able to complete transactions with the company faster and more easily, which translates to improved customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Wave Analytics apps empower business users to get smarter about their customers, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly, from any device.

Comments on the News

“Salesforce Wave Analytics enables Vlocity to deliver critical service insights and operating metrics in customer-intensive industries such as telecommunications, insurance, health and the public sector,” said Raja Singh, Vice President, Products at Vlocity. “Vlocity-enabled contact centers now have clear visibility into how long each step of their sales and service processes is taking, and what every agent and customer is doing along the way. With Vlocity, every contact center can analyze, learn and innovate with the speed and agility provided by the cloud and the power of the Salesforce platform.”

“Wave Analytics is seeing rapid global adoption as companies everywhere are demanding mobile, actionable data discovery and analytics that are embedded in every business process and allow employees to be smarter about their customers,” said Ketan Karkhanis, SVP Product Management, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce. “We are excited to extend the power of Wave apps to even more departments and industries with our innovative portfolio of ISV Wave apps now live in the AppExchange."

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics and Salesforce Wave Analytics Empower Employees Across Any Function and Industry to Be Smarter About Their Customers

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics, powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics, equips companies with a seamless, end-to-end industry-specific solution for integrating and analyzing data in the cloud and for predicting outcomes. Through Wave Analytics’ dynamic and customizable dashboards, these apps measure and predict churn, identify call-time inefficiencies, analyze service histories, determine propensity to purchase, and provide significant metrics to help users manage their business processes more effectively. Most importantly, Vlocity Clickstream Analytics accelerates time to value in the cloud and lowers total cost of ownership, all through pre-built analytical applications and data integrations. Since it’s built on Wave Analytics, companies are able to not only uncover insight, but also take instant action.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Apps Opens Up Insights from Every Data Source—Now Anyone Can Build and Deploy Analytics for Any Business Need

With Wave apps, employees across every function and industry can uncover insight and take instant action, from any device. First, Wave apps were designed to connect to any external data source, enabling users to bring together and explore all relevant KPIs and business measures from a single custom dashboard. Next, Wave apps deliver insights directly into business workflows by enabling companies to embed dashboards anywhere within Salesforce, and by empowering business users to take Salesforce-specific actions directly from within the charts themselves. And finally, Wave apps brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a powerful computing engine in a powerful mobile-first design. Whether a business user wants to get answers, drill into a discovery, share or collaborate their findings or take a data-driven action, she can do it from anywhere, on any device, with the Wave apps.