Forbes Names Vlocity As A Next-Gen Disruptor in Sales and Customer Management

In Addition to Being Named by Forbes to the Next Billion Dollar Companies List, TrueBridge Capital Partners Sees Vlocity as a Next-Gen Disruptor in Sales & Customer Management.

Sep 27, 2017 by Vlocity
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Vlocity a Next-Gen Industry Disruptor

Summary of article by TrueBridge Capital Partners for Forbes

The latest batch of companies represents a wide range of industries overall, from event ticketing (SeatGeek) to sleep (Leesa). But this year, almost 70% of these high-growth companies are concentrated in just five industries: fintech, healthcare and biotech, “new space,” data and analytics, and logistics.

Other Sectors Poised For Transformation

While these five industries are facing the greatest disruption from this year’s Next Billion Dollar companies, there are plenty of other spaces that are being transformed by some of the country’s fastest-growing companies.

Sales and Customer Management

Vlocity, billed as “the industry cloud,” adds important customization for specific industries on top of the robust customer relationship management (CRM) ecosystem provided by