Transforming the Customer Experience at Sky Italia with Vlocity and Salesforce

At TM Forum Live! (in Nice in May), Gabriele Scarponi, CIO, Sky Italia, will present the case study, Generating an integrated, standards-based approach to connect all customer endpoints. Here, he looks at how Sky Italia is improving customer experience.

Mar 22, 2017 by Vlocity
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Transforming the customer experience at Sky Italia

BY GABRIELE SCARPONI ON MARCH 22, 2017, summary from TM Forum Inform blog

A division of Sky PLC, Sky Italia is the leading provider of pay TV in Italy, and serves more than 13 million viewers. Our company is widely recognized as an industry leader and an innovator in both content and content delivery. Thanks to our focus on continuously improving the customer experience, Sky Italia enjoys some of the highest customer satisfaction scores amongst Italian media companies, and has retained its customers, even despite a prolonged economic recession.

Three years ago, we recognized that our subscribers’ expectations of us had shifted and that we needed to change our game to remain successful. Our customers demanded the ability to view our content and receive customer service through their channel and device of choice. They also expressed a desire for promotional content offers tailored to their viewing habits and preferences.

Our customers vote with their wallets and with their NPS (net promoter scores) so we immediately took notice. We also recognized that in order to continue investing in compelling new content and delivery technologies, we needed to drive significant operating and IT cost savings to reinvest in the business.