Vlocity @ Dreamforce 2018 – How Trailhead Puts Salesforce Admins at the Heart of its Future

Rip Gerber, Vlocity Chief Marketing & Alliance Officer Pinpoints How Trailhead Reaches Out to a New Generation of Salesforce Admins and Developers to Stave Off a Looming Skills Crisis.

Oct 2, 2018 by Vlocity
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Trailhead puts Salesforce Admins at the Heart of its Future

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Vlocity's Industry Expertise Compliments the Trailhead Strategy.

Three years ago, it became evident that Salesforce was facing a skills crisis. At the time, it seemed the only solution was a massive expansion in its partner ecosystem. But Salesforce had another plan up its sleeve  —  a plan that would see its annual Dreamforce conference turned into a massive, make-believe hiking park, all to promote a new interactive skills development platform called Trailhead.

Rip Gerber, CMO of Salesforce ISV partner Vlocity and a 20-year CRM industry veteran, recalls his bewilderment two years ago when he arrived at Dreamforce 2016 to see model goats grazing amidst artificial grass and tree stumps, promoting the new Trailhead theme. It wasn’t what he was used to seeing at a business technology conference, he says:

They’re not targeting big enterprise CIOs or the rest of the software industry. They’re targeting the next generation, the millennials. That’s where they’re going to find the millions they need to deliver this.

– Rip Gerber, Chief Marketing & Alliance Officer, Vlocity

At this year’s Dreamforce, the quirky Trailhead iconography dominates the sprawling event campus, welcoming the army of Trailblazers — Salesforce’s name for those who accumulate Trailhead badges as they journey through the online learning program. It all marks a huge change from just a few years ago, when Salesforce seemed to be relying on its traditional SI partners stepping up to fill the skills gap.

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