The Robots Are Coming: 10 Truths Telco CEOs Need to Prepare for Now

AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Technologies Will Soon Wipe out Many Traditional Brands in Communications and Media. Here’s a Starter Survival Pack.

Apr 6, 2018 by Rip Gerber
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
2 minute read
The Robots Are Coming 10 Truths Telcos Need to Prepare For

Summary from original post on WirelessWeek.

The title above is obviously wrong.  Because it was written by a human. The robots aren’t coming.

They are already here.

If you are a telco leader, you are already working hard to “digitally transform” your operations. Maybe you sent some of your team to Mobile World Congress to learn how to keep pace with the myriad acceleration of technology that continuously resets your industry. You might even have hired (or more commonly, retitled) a few good folks to work on adopting and harnessing the forces of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning.

Congrats on all of the above. And condolences, for you are likely already behind.

With robust deployments of AI underway, telcos are now poised to leverage the tremendous advances in algorithmic power, data proliferation and computing strength to achieve greater predictive possibilities, enhanced customer service and, ultimately, create a business model that delivers increased revenues. These investments are already generating buzz and returns at communication service providers (CSPs) across the globe. Even in an age of slim profit margins and an extensive and wide-ranging field of competitors, forward-looking CSPs are implementing new technologies to optimize resources and leverage analytical capabilities. That’s right. Robots.

The key is to create a nimble, agile company mindset that’s inherently responsive to emerging technologies and the problems they solve.

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