Vlocity Extends Salesforce's IoT Strategy with Expertise in Critical Processes

Vlocity Covers the Critical Processes Central to Salesforce's IoT Strategy.

Oct 17, 2017 by Vlocity
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Salesforce's IoT Strategy

Summary of Article By Denis Pombriant For TechNewsWorld

By focusing on the apps, Salesforce appears to be positioning itself as the key to capturing value from investments further upstream in devices and platforms. Typically a business might make independent decisions about those areas, and the business app company better be able to work with whatever is in place, and that's the strategy.

Given the state of the early IoT market, it makes good sense to go with an app development strategy. It's too early to have standardized apps that vendors might want to buy off the shelf, so having a quick and efficient development toolset makes all the sense in the world.

On the other side of the industry, there's financial services and banking -- two mature marketplaces with specific application demands. Here the strategy is less about new development than it is about using the platform to make clean and effective changes to process-oriented operational systems.

In banking and finance, Salesforce can deploy its many platform-based tools, along with partners like nCino and Vlocity, to produce systems that cover an institution's critical processes -- like loan origination and customer service.