Salesforce Announces New Partner Apps for Apple Watch

Salesforce Ecosystem Helps Pave the Way for Wearables in the Enterprise, Unveils New Apps for Apple Watch.

Aug 11, 2015 by Rip Gerber
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
6 minute read
Salesforce Watch Partner

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As wearables weave their way into our everyday lives, we see incredible parallels to the early days of the smartphone. When the iPhone debuted in 2007, people couldn’t imagine how profoundly it would change their lives. Some were excited to have a new way to take music with them while many others chalked it up as an alternative to other mobile email devices. The horizon for how far it would transform our personal and professional lives was beyond what we could imagine.

Shortly after its launch, Apple established the App Store and opened app development to third parties. It spawned an entire ecosystem of people and companies eager to help build the future of mobile computing.

Apps were instrumental in the proliferation of the iPhone and its ubiquitous usage. And, now industries are being transformed based on the model. At Salesforce, we’ve invited our ecosystem to help usher in the next wave of mobile innovation, and our partners have answered. Today, we’re unveiling 20 new apps for the Apple Watch. The apps are built by our partners on the Salesforce1 Platform with Salesforce Wear, which makes it easy for anyone to accelerate their wearable innovation without hiring a team of experts. New apps for Apple Watch include:

BetterWorks Wear app: With the BetterWorks Wear app, companies can have a better way to connect employees around common goals. Now, a retailer could arm their sales associates with Apple Watches so they’re always updated on the current progress toward team and individual sales goals.

ContactWorld app: With ContactWorld app from NewVoiceMedia, companies will never miss a VIP customer call again. By integrating with Salesforce data, sales and service reps can see insights like customer retention risk so they can give the right kind of customer service, or the status of a sales lead all from a quick glance of the Apple Watch.

FieldExpert app: The FieldExpert app by ClickSoftware provides advanced scheduling and mobility for on-the-go workforces. The app improves productivity, optimizing mobile employees to quickly review their daily schedule, update service requests and schedule additional services or upgrades, right from their wrist. This allows mobile workforces to provide an Uber-like experience; for example, a cable technician could automatically notify the customer of his expected time of arrival. At the same time, customers now have more clarity than ever about when they need to be home so they are free to enjoy their day.

TaskRay app: Two key challenges for project managers are keeping track of the status of tasks in real-time and quickly and effectively communicating with key stakeholders. The TaskRay app by Bracket Labs makes it easy to see the project status with quick-to-read completion gauges, and collaboration is easier with features like Dictation, which allows users to speak their updates into the watch, converting the voice memo into text and automatically syncing it into Salesforce.

Vlocity Wear app: The Vlocity Wear app for Communications and Media by Vlocity connects to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, providing reps with customer profile data that enables them to initiate tasks to provide better customer service and create new opportunities, right from the wrist. For example, a representative can quickly review customer profile to understand customer concerns and initiate priority tasks directly from the Wear app, such as updating a case, sending a bill or creating a new order to be completed by the extended account team.

Huge thanks to partners delivering the new apps, including Alpine Metrics, Apttus, Betterworks, Bracket Labs, Click Software, CloudSense, Fairsail, Financial Force, Footprints, Heywire, InsideSales, New Voice Media, Point of Reference, Proximity Insights, Remedyforce, Sage, ServiceMax, Skedulo, Team Spirit and Vlocity.

Apps are key to wearable adoption. And, with Salesforce Wear we are helping partners and customers pave the way for wearables in the enterprise and the next wave of mobile innovation. The big question to everyone else out there: Are you going to help build the future, or sit there and watch it happen to you?

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