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Salesforce + Vlocity Host Digital Transformation Workshop for Communications

Salesforce and Vlocity joined forces last week in Hungary to run a Digital Transformation Workshop for the Communications Industry at Basecamp Budapest.

Nov 29, 2018 by Vlocity
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Salesforce Vlocity Comms Digital Transformation Workshop

Communications leaders seeking to digitally transform the customer experience participated in last week’s Digital Transformation Workshop at Basecamp Budapest, which was hosted Salesforce and Vlocity. The workshop was very well attended by the majority of Telcos in the region including Magyar Telekom, T-Systems, Telenor Hungary, Vodafone Hungary, Invitel and UPC Magyarország.

Industry Disruption & Transformation Priorities

Geza Matrai, Salesforce Communications & Utilities Lead SEE, kicked off the workshop and introduced Salesforce and Vlocity as strategic partners for the Communications Industry.

Salesforce delivered an insightful session on the latest industry trends and priorities for the Communications industry. Referencing recent Harvard Business Review research, they highlighted how Media and Communications are the top-two disrupted industries from a digital perspective.

However, the key question when approaching Digital Transformation by industry leaders, is not “If”, but rather “How.”

D.T. Worksphop

“Why”, “What” and “How” of Digital Transformation

The challenges outlined provided the perfect segue way into Vlocity’s session on the “Why”, “What” and “How” of Digital Transformation.  Vlocity demonstrated a repeatable approach which has transformed some of the world’s largest telcos.

The ‘Why’ of digital transformation starts with value creation.  Here Vlocity discussed the benefits of transforming, including TCO and risk reduction. Drawing from real customer examples, they highlighted existing customer benefits, including faster product launch time at Telus, reduced agent training time at Sky, rapid delivery in 6 months at Cellcom and a 47 point increase in NPS at KPN.  These benefits are compelling reasons “Why” business should look to transform.

Moving to the “What”, Vlocity then highlighted the Salesforce and Vlocity Communications Industry Solution that delivers industry-specific out-of-the-box capabilities natively in the cloud. Important business processes are supported through cloud-capabilities including Product Catalogue, Advanced Promotions, CPQ, Contract Lifecycle Management and Order Management.  

Concluding with the anticipated topic on the “How” of digital transformation, Vlocity reinforced that digital programs must not solely focus on a set of products, but rather enable a successful solution, and fast.  Vlocity shared the most common Telco Digital Transformation approaches they’ve seen in the industry, including Engagement Layer Transformation, Process-Centric Transformation and Digital Operator / Greenfield. Salesforce + Vlocity have a best practice methodology to support these approaches, and workshop participants were able to see a sample phased delivery plan.

Customer Success Stories & Showcases

With the room now aligned on key industry trends and priorities, including the approaches to transform, focus switched to showcase a series of customer success stories and supporting solution demonstrations.

B2B Success @ T-Mobile for Business

The T-Mobile for Business showcase initially demonstrated how the company enabled B2B Hyper-Growth in the USA by working with Salesforce and Vlocity.  The team highlighted how they were looking to improve B2B revenue growth with targeted offers and accelerated order cycle times, leveraging guided selling processes and integrated contract management.

B2C Success @ Cellcom Israel

The second showcase featured Cellcom, Israel’s leading mobile provider, and how the telco drove B2B and B2C transformation by replacing Amdocs CRM for more than 3,500 users. They highlighted the rapid time to value where phase 1 was live in just 6 months.  In addition, Cellcom delivered a 360-degree view for B2B and B2C with full lead and opportunity management, with seamless legacy integration to Amdocs, PeopleSoft, and 10 other systems.

Digital Transformation Survey

The workshop concluded with a live Digital Transformation Survey for all attendees to contribute.  Salesforce and Vlocity are passionate about understanding customer priorities, and direct insight is always extremely valuable.  Asking the attendees to highlight their top priorities across a series of digital transformation challenges, revealed the following leading themes:

  1. Implementing a customer-centric transformation approach
  2. Enabling cultural and organisation change
  3. Enabling business and IT alignment
  4. Moving from strategy to execution
  5. Simplifying business processes.

DT Survey

The same survey was conducted during a Telco Digital Transformation Workshop at Dreamforce ‘18 this year.  Interestingly, the same 5 high priority areas were highlighted during the Dreamforce workshop by over 60 global telecom executives.  Equally noteworthy was the prominent challenge in Budapest to “Balance customer data privacy whilst transforming”’ which wasn’t equally a high-priority focus at Dreamforce this year.  This finding substantiates and increase focus of customer data privacy from GDPR legislation in Europe.

For more information about protecting customer data privacy while transforming, you can hear a  recording of 3 Austria’s breakout from Dreamforce ‘18 highlighting their achievements with Salesforce and Vlocity.

Key Takeaways

Digital telco innovators left with three key takeaways before networking with industry peers through an interactive social event that followed:

  1. Digital Transformation… it is no longer a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and the ‘how’
  2. Transformation demands speed, agility, a culture of continuous innovation.
  3. Salesforce + Vlocity provide the Industry Cloud Advantage to deliver important business benefits, including TCO and risk reduction.

If you would like to receive a copy of the content used in this workshop or have any questions about the topics covered, please contact us via the form below.

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