Salesforce, Vlocity And Cloud-Based Connections In 2017

Washington D.C. is abuzz as the sold-out Salesforce World Tour rolls into town this week with a headful of steam and a continued embrace of innovation.

Apr 4, 2017 by Rip Gerber
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
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Salesforce, Vlocity And Cloud-Based Connections In 2017

With an impressive array of speakers, industry experts, special panels, inspirational sessions and product showcases all lined up, Salesforce has once again raised the bar for what it means to present a world-class tech conference—and that doesn’t even include the ample networking possibilities that beckon attendees before and after scheduled events. Vlocity is right there too every step of the way, providing cutting-edge innovation, cloud-based efficiencies and amazing customer success stories in partnership with Salesforce.

Top leadership from Salesforce descended onto our Nation’s Capitol to talk about something more important that partisans and politics: the messages of equality, diversity, inclusion and innovation permeated the conference.  Dan Israel, General Manager of Public Sector for Vlocity, and I were delighted to spend time with many of these visionary executives from the world’s #1 customer success company. Dan Israel has over twenty years leading innovation and technology deployment success in the government sector at places such as Google where he ran Google’s Enterprise division (now known as Google for Work).  Dan also worked at Oracle and Siebel Systems, leading teams that developed CRM applications for the public sector. Dan began his career in the federal government, working as a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

"Governments at all levels want to improve the ability of their constituents to engage via modern, digital channels. Industry-specific cloud applications, designed for the work of government agencies, are a compelling option for agencies looking to modernize client engagement," said Dan Israel, ...  "Our Salesforce Government Case Connect app gives caseworkers a complete picture of the citizens they serve. It can also be deployed rapidly to help meet these citizen expectations for a better client experience. "

The Connected Citizen

In advance of the D.C. conference, Salesforce released its “2017 Connected Citizen Report,” emphasizing technological trends in the Public Sector. As is laid out in the report, a growing number of individuals are finding new and powerful ways to digitally connect with their state, local and federal authorities and agencies. However, as they begin reaching out with questions and attempt to solve problems, pay taxes and report conditions, they are also discovering the limitations to the Public Sector’s current digital landscape, and the realization that information, accessibility and services are not yet up to the levels experienced in private enterprise.

Washington DC

While this shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, it’s instructive to understand where the pain points are most obvious and therefore where improvements need to be focused. The report also breaks down the responses so readers can get a sense of what’s important to baby boomers, gen-xers and millennials. According to the report, some Americans said their local governments do not provide many general services — such as being able to report a road issue like a drunk driver or apply for/submit business or construction permits — via modern digital channels. Additionally, more than half of Americans would be open to their taxpayer money going to research forward-looking technologies for their cities, assuming these funds are channeled toward services they would find helpful.

Clearly, the Public Sector is undergoing a process of major digital transformation affecting all levels of operation. While there are many technologies emerging to address this situation, Vlocity & Salesforce have singled out the following areas for emphasis.

The Top Three Trends You Need To Know About Public Sector Digital Transformation:

  1. A case management platform purpose-built for case management workers – Cloud-based apps such as HHS CaseConnect deploy secure, modern, mobile case management capabilities that empower caseworkers, service providers and other partners in the mission to deliver client-centric care. By viewing the case from a customer-centric perspective, it is easier for caseworkers to fix root problems, not just treat symptoms.
  2. Information opt-in – Millennials in particular were not shy about the idea of providing government access to their personal data (e.g., location, social media postings, etc.) to increase the quality of certain services (e.g., traffic corridors, construction updates, public transportation delays, etc.). This is a stark departure from baby boomers and points to a demographic eager to share omnichannel information with government partners — if the government can leverage the data for real-time solutions.
  3. 68% of people say they had better experiences dealing with private enterprise than with government agencies – Successes have been chartered and winning cloud-based apps from Salesforce & Vlocity are penetrating the Public Sector and starting to bring real value, modernization and time-saving enhancements. Of course, there’s still immense work to be done creating and expanding digital services to communities across the country while insisting on greater governmental transparency and more engaged case workers who will respond quickly and efficiently.

It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to hear the about the latest tips and tricks and innovative solutions starting tomorrow at Salesforce World Tour 2017!