Why “Public” Trumps “Private” in the Industry Cloud

There are many instances in which “private” can be a good thing (think private lessons or private parties), but the cloud isn’t one of them.

Apr 29, 2015 by Vlocity
3 minute read
Public Trumps Private

When it comes to the cloud, public hosting is actually safer, more reliable, and more affordable than private hosting. This may not be intuitive for many, but it's more and more true. With private cloud hosting, your organization’s dedicated servers are housed in a private data center, and your employees access your applications and associated data from off-site. However, private data centers lack many of the advantages of public cloud hosting (also known as commercial or multi-tenant hosting), including:

Reliability – Public cloud hosting companies provide superior up-time, failover and disaster recovery compared to privately-hosted dedicated servers. In contrast, privately-hosted servers require their own dedicated backup servers in a private hosting environment. These are costly to maintain and are far less reliable than the essentially endless numbers of back-up servers available with public hosting.

Lower Cost – Public cloud hosts spread their costs over all their servers, making it more cost-effective than maintaining a dedicated set of servers for your company. When a patch or upgrade is available, public cloud providers have systems to roll them out to all customers at once, rather than requiring individualized maintenance on your dedicated servers. These cost savings can be significant.

Security - Security updates in the public cloud are rolled out to all customers at the same time, quickly eliminating vulnerabilities across the entire network at once. In contrast, security updates in the private cloud must be applied to each server one-by-one, just as if they were on-premises, leaving individual servers open to exploit for longer periods of time. As well, public cloud companies have the resources to hire security experts who are dedicated to ensuring their customers’ data is secure. Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps are built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, so our customers receive all the benefits of public, multi-tenant cloud hosting. For more information, request a demo from us and we'll share more about our Industry Cloud applications for Communications, Insurance, Health and Public Sector with you.