TM Forum Article: Moving BSS to the Cloud

Although moving business support systems into the cloud is not a strategic objective in itself for any communications service provider, it can certainly help them achieve many of their goals for digital transformation. Will they ever accomplish it? Mark Newman investigates.

Apr 24, 2017 by Vlocity
1 minute read in Communications
Moving BSS to the Cloud

From the TM Forum Inform Blog, by Mark Newman 

The challenges of moving business support system (BSS) to the cloud is nicely summed up by a VP at one BSS supplier we interviewed for our latest research:

“If I go to an operator and offer them a BSS cloud service or capability, the customer says, ‘That’s lovely – I have 130 systems, some of which are mission critical, some need to respond within milliseconds and I have auditors breathing down my neck.’ It’s difficult then to make the case.”

But cloud BSS can, in fact, help operators achieve many of their objectives for digital transformation, and as communications service providers (CSPs) deliver more cloud-based products and services, enabling them with cloud-based support systems makes good business sense.