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As a Salesforce Trailblazing Partner, Vlocity's CEO & Founder, David Schmaier is Passionate about the Cloud, Customer Success and Building Software “in the Language of the Customer”

In this Post-Dreamforce Interview with Salesforce's Amanda Nelson, Trailblazing Partner David Schmaier Explains his Approach to Making Technology Stronger each Day.

Oct 11, 2018 by David Schmaier
CEO & Founder
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Meet Salesforce Trailblazing Partner David Schmaier

Summary of an Interview by Amanda Nelson for AppExchange.

David Schmaier is passionate about the cloud. He makes change happen in enterprise software and is excited about the future. This mentality and approach to making technology stronger each day is why he's a Trailblazing Partner. Learn more about David in this interview.

Tell us a bit about Vlocity.

David: Vlocity is among the first multi-vertical industry applications company ever built that’s 100% on the Salesforce platform. We deliver industry-specific cloud and mobile software for five verticals at the moment: Communications and Media, Insurance and Financial Services, Health, Energy and Utilities and the Government. How do we do it? We extend Salesforce the #1 CRM by building our apps on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Communities, and Marketing Cloud. Together, with Salesforce, Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps enable companies to achieve faster business agility and time to value from the cloud. Simply, we help Salesforce customers in our industries become transformative trailblazers!

We get our best ideas from our customers. The customers are smart. Customers are our greatest teachers. Focusing on the customer is how you build great a company. Salesforce has done that, and I am driving that singular focus on customer success at Vlocity, too.

– David Schmaier, CEO & Founder, Vlocity

That’s exciting. What else excites you about Vlocity?

David: Vlocity was just named, for the second year in a row, to the Forbes Cloud 100 list of top private cloud companies. We are also one of Salesforce’s top and fastest growing strategic ISVs. Our growth and success is due in part to our strategy, to build compelling industry-specific apps and deliver customer success in partnership with Salesforce, the global leader in CRM. Our apps have been available on the AppExchange since day one, and now we are on the 19th release of the software. And our software is always 100% in sync with every Salesforce release. That’s what excites me about what we are building. We have delivered 19 releases across our five verticals in that last four and a half years. It may sound tiring, but it's been an incredibly fulfilling journey. All of us at Vlocity including myself are having a fantastic time building cloud software at a company that we are truly proud of. But what excites me the most? The amazing success our joint Salesforce-Vlocity customers are having with our industry cloud apps.

Read the entire interview here.

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