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Introducing the Industry Cloud with Vlocity

We started Vlocity on a simple premise: organizations should not have to choose between industry-specific software or cloud software. They should be able to have both.

Oct 3, 2014 by David Schmaier
CEO & Founder
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Introducing the Industry Cloud

by David Schmaier, CEO & Found of Vlocity

At Vlocity, we call this the Industry Cloud. It’s a simple idea, and one that most people are surprised to learn does not already exist.

The Industry Cloud is the next step in the evolution of enterprise software. When I was a founding team executive responsible for all products and industry apps at Siebel Systems, we saw how pre-built industry software really made sense for our customers. We built 20 industry vertical product lines in 20 languages. Given the choice, customers preferred industry-specific software because it was already tailored to their business and included key functionality for their industry.  The challenge, however, was that these systems required on-site software that needed to be upgraded and maintained. Companies whose expertise was not in software suddenly found themselves in the software business.

Eventually, came along and changed the game by bringing enterprise software into the cloud, relieving companies of this burden. Vlocity is ushering in the next phase of this evolution by creating pre-built apps for specific industries on top of the Salesforce1 Platform. My co-founders at Vlocity helped prove this by founding a prior company called Veeva for the life sciences industry.  Veeva’s life sciences software is built upon the Salesforce platform, and today they are the clear market leader.  At Vlocity, we are applying a similar strategy in a number of new industries. Our team of industry experts embed best practices into the apps, and we continually push out upgrades and new features so our customers never have to worry about their systems being up to date. And since we live in a mobile world, we’ve built beautifully-designed, easy-to-use, industry-specific mobile apps.

On a personal note, I’m excited to be leading an incredible team of industry experts and technologists, many of whom I’ve worked with before. We’re building industry cloud apps that we know will save our customers time and money and will provide them with unique capabilities that enable them to be more responsive to their customers. That’s the promise of the Industry Cloud. If you’d like to learn more about Vlocity or get in contact, please email us at And we’d love to see you at Dreamforce. We’ll be launching our first four Industry Cloud Apps at the conference and demonstrating them at Booth N1901 in the Moscone North Hall. 

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