Vlocity is One of TechTarget's Industry-specific CRM Systems On the Rise

Vlocity understands that certain industries have specific customers that benefit from specialized CRM.

Apr 21, 2017 by Vlocity
1 minute read
Industry-specific CRM Systems On the Rise

by Jesse Scardina, News Writer, Business Applications, TechTarget

When deciding on customer relationship management systems, companies in specialized industries are turning their attention to software built to understand the specific complexities -- whether it's constantly changing regulations, strict security standards or industry-specific databases.

With that transition, several industry-specific CRM companies are working to make customer relationship management easier for vertical markets that have built-in intricacies that would be difficult for a horizontal CRM system to manage.

San Francisco-based Vlocity Inc. works with customers to build industry-specific features on top of Salesforce's CRM platform, focusing on telecommunications, insurance, public sector, healthcare and energy industries.

"We take Salesforce and bring it the last mile for customers," said David Schmaier, CEO and founder of Vlocity, who also worked for Siebel Systems for 12 years. "There are sets of industry-specific business processes that the customer needs, and we add those to Salesforce."

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