Introducing Vlocity Industry Mobile Apps

Vlocity Industry Mobile Apps.

Mar 22, 2015 by Angus Dunn
3 minute read
Industry Mobile Apps

When I joined Vlocity last summer, I was tasked with building an enterprise mobile app that would be both simple and fun to use. Having done this previously with SuccessFactors in the human capital management space, I thought this would be a relatively easy task. Turns out it is easier said than done! It took us 9 months to develop, including demonstrating v1 at Dreamforce 2014, but we are now ready to release Vlocity Industry Mobile v2.

Enterprise apps are typically focused on entering information on a form, navigating and submitting more forms. I believed we could make an enterprise app, and specifically industry-specific apps, that are simpler and easy to use – and we did. Here’s how we accomplished it:

1. Studied how users conduct their daily industry-specific business activities

2. Designed the most direct solution to accomplish a task and, at the same time, made it easy to use

3. Introduced animations, logical and smooth screen transitions, and visual cues to make it fun

Here are some examples of what users can do with Vlocity Industry Mobile apps:

Timeline: To avoid navigating or drilling down to different screens to learn what is happening with a client, we created a timeline – a chronology of interactions and stories that have occurred with the client. This could be a lunch event that took place last Friday, a billing dispute case that was filed by the client, an insurance claim regarding an accident, or a campaign sent to the client. The user can quickly glance through the customer timeline and get an idea of what has recently happened before the next client meeting.

Tagging: After a call or meeting with a client, there is valuable information that a user may want to capture for future reference. Instead of typing long text sentences and submitting a form, we introduced tagging with your thumb to quickly add profiling information and call reporting on clients whom the user just met.

IQ: This is the intelligence that ties customer tagging and new content together. Now that the user has easily and quickly captured his/her client’s interests, IQ matches a client’s interests with new content that the company has created. Collateral with matching tags will show in the client’s IQ section as matches. The user can now proactively reach out to clients with the new collaterals and products by generating Call Lists.

There are many enterprise mobile apps in the market. What distinguishes a great enterprise mobile app is the simplicity and fun in using it. I believe we are delivering an enjoyable mobile experience.