Vlocity Announces Deep Industry Cloud Analytics Apps for Communications and Insurance Sectors

Oct 15, 2014 by Vlocity
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Industry Cloud Analytics

Vlocity announced today that it is developing industry cloud analytics apps for the Communications and Insurance sectors that are built on Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. These apps will help companies measure and predict churn, identify fraudulent activity, analyze service histories, propensity to purchase, and other key metrics for industry-specific business processes.

Companies are moving fast down parallel – and until today, separate – tracks towards industry-specific solutions and cloud-based analytics. With support for Salesforce’s Wave through Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps, companies can now deploy one seamless, end-to-end industry-specific solution for integrating and analyzing data in the cloud and for predicting outcomes. And, all from your mobile device.

Vlocity Industry Cloud Analytics Apps include:

Vlocity Communications Analytics:

  • Predictive Order Analytics – Predict customers’ propensity to purchase specific products based on prior purchase history, behavior, and demographic details;
  • Usage and Billing Analytics – Identify customer usage trends to create targeted offers and optimize customers to the services best suited to their needs;
  • Service Level Agreement Analytics – Analyze trouble ticket and quality of service data to evaluate compliance with negotiated service level agreements.

Vlocity Insurance Analytics:

  • Predictive Policy Churn Analytics – Predict policy renewal rates through scoring engines, past behavior, demographics and regional trends, and take action to prevent policy lapses;
  • Claims Experience Analytics – Analyze the complete claims process including trends in claims severity, claims volume and outcome;
  • Preventive Claims Fraud – Utilize analytic models and claims data to understand loss reports and likelihood of fraudulent claims activity.

Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps are modern cloud and mobile software solutions that embed industry-specific best practices and business processes. Vlocity lowers customers’ total cost of ownership while increasing their return on investment through pre-built mid and back-office data integrations combined with out-of-the-box, industry-specific predictive analytics.

Vlocity Industry Cloud Analytics Apps will be available later in Q4 2014.

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