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Vlocity’s Matt Goldspink Shows Users How to Add Dash DocSet to Their Lightning Environment

Welcome Back to Matt Goldspink’s Continuing Blog Series “Learning How to Write Professional, Robust and Beautiful Lightning Components for Salesforce.”

Oct 18, 2017 by Matt Goldspink
Lead Engineer
1 minute read
How to Add Dash DocSet to Lightning Environment

Matt, one of Vlocity’s lead engineers on the UI Engineering team, designs elegant user interfaces with Salesforce’s Lightning Experience.

The key focus of his blog is about targeting JavaScript developers and individuals looking to explore the Lightning Component Framework and optimizing their Salesforce performance with pre-built components.

The latest installment of Matt’s blog series “Lightning Dash DocSet!” explains how to establish a home for developer docs in Salesforce Lightning using Dash—something that didn’t exist until Matt harnessed his expertise to create it. Good work Matt! By integrating Dash Docs, developers can now get instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets on their Mac or iOS. You’ll get the built-in components, interfaces, events and guide’s from the official Lightning docs.

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