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Drop in and Load up: Business Lessons From 'Fortnite' That You Won't Get From Business School

Make Fortnite Battle Royale's Three Gameplay Tips Your Mantras for Success.

Sep 6, 2018 by Rip Gerber
Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer
2 minute read
Drop in and Load up: Business Lessons From 'Fortnite'

Summary from original post on Entrepreneur.com by Rip Gerber, Chief Marketing & Alliance Officer, Vlocity

I have two teenage boys, so I know about Fortnite. What I didn't know was just how much it now dominates the video gaming world – 125 million players since it launched a year ago.

That's growth worthy of the record books. But, can Fortnite teach us anything about surviving in today's competitive markets?

In business, it's a benefit to be savvy about trends, so I took over my son's Playstation control. Ouch. I lasted less than a minute between ejecting from the hot air ballooned bus and landing on Flush Factory, but eventually I was able to develop my own survival strategy.

Hundreds of products are launched every month -- some home runs and others needing slurp jugs and med kits. When I read the Fortnite Battle Royale screen offering three gameplay tips, I was surprised by how much it aligned with how marketers think about competitive strategy and launching products.

In business, we need to carefully consider where we enter a market (drop in) and how we raise money, build resources and prepare (load up) for the coming market and mindshare battle.

Not familiar with the three Fortnite mantras? Let's walk through these valuable survival tips that aren't taught at Harvard Business School.

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