Vlocity Introduces Vlocity DataRaptor™ with Jitterbit to Power Faster Industry Cloud Integration

Oct 15, 2014 by Vlocity
4 minute read
DataRaptor with Jitterbit

New Partnership makes it easy for companies to quickly transform and load data into industry-specific cloud solutions, including ETL for Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

Vlocity today announced a partnership with Jitterbit to deliver industry-specific solutions that connect Vlocity Industry Apps to third party enterprise endpoints and applications. This partnership makes it possible for companies to utilize a complete data-driven industry solution from operations through to cloud analytics without having to write complex integration code.

Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps are modern, deep cloud and mobile software solutions that embed industry-specific best practices and business processes. The first solution in this new partnership uses Jitterbit’s Harmony cloud integration platform and the Vlocity DataRaptor™ engine to quickly and easily transform and load data from back office and mid-office applications into Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps. This allows companies to seamlessly import data from mission critical operational systems into Vlocity’s apps to enable more compelling omnichannel experiences using richer industry and customer data sets.

Vlocity DataRaptor™ is a flexible yet powerful data-loading engine that simplifies the mapping and importing of relational data. Vlocity provides customers with a series of industry-specific interface tables and industry objects that can be easily mapped to multiple relational data structures to power easier, faster industry-specific data loads. Through Jitterbit’s cloud integration platform Harmony, Vlocity can also offer real-time and scheduled integration processes that synchronize and load large amounts of data between both public and private endpoints. Enterprises can also create and extend Vlocity interfaces to meet their unique needs.

The partnership will also focus on the newly-released Analytics Connect option for connecting external industry data with the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud via Vlocity’s Industry Cloud Apps. This powerful solution will enable companies to leverage their traditional operational systems and customer data to provide greater fuel and insight into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. By combining Jitterbit’s technical integration and ETL experience with Vlocity’s industry-specific domain and data modeling expertise, the partnership provides a compelling set of capabilities for organizations that want to deploy deep industry analytics in the cloud.

“Today’s largest and most successful customer-connected companies need applications that are tailored to their industry yet connected to the industry data and business processes from their on-premise and cloud architectures,” said David Schmaier, CEO and founder Vlocity, Inc. “Our new partnership with Jitterbit enables us to deliver an end to end solution that ties a company’s operational back and mid-office systems to its Vlocity industry-specific apps in the cloud.”

“We are pleased to partner with Vlocity to help connect the new era of industry-specific digital processes,” said George Gallegos, CEO Jitterbit. “This partnership makes it faster and easier to drive collected data through cloud-based industry apps, enabling companies to deliver an engaging, meaningful and ultimately more rewarding experience to the end customer.”

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