6 CRM predictions for 2016

Trends for CRM in 2016: Emergence of Vertical CRM.

Nov 23, 2015 by Vlocity
3 minute read
CIO CRM Predictions

In 2016, CRM leaders predict CRM software will continue to evolve across various forms including social, cloud, mobile, and the emergence of industry-specific CRM.

CRM software will become more social, as CRM providers are leveraging end users’ interactions to an extent they had never done before. We will start seeing more social media features to track users’ activities. We will see more native applications to mobile devices that carry CRM features utilizing to a full extent the functionalities that mobile devices have to offer (e.g. maps, contacts, etc.).

Integrative features will enable CRM software to synchronize with already existing databases, so people can easily transfer their big data into the newly created application.

The verticalization of CRM solutions will enable specific industries to offer specific solutions that are tailored to their customers’ needs. A real estate salesperson will have significantly different needs than a medical device salesperson. Veeva, Vlocity, and OpenGov have been successful at offering industry-specific solutions that companies with generic CRM solutions simply don’t get.

As a result of the huge success of vertical CRM software, companies like Salesforce are allocating many resources into developing the appropriate CRM solutions tailored to specific industries. This has been widely used in the healthcare industry.

CRM platforms will have much more predictive analytics capabilities. These analytics will help not only to analyze trends within markets, but also to predict what will be the next steps customers will make and it will enable companies to offer solutions even before the customer asks for them.

CRM will reap the benefits of the increasing Internet of Things. With billions of devices creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, it’s crucial that companies know how to translate this Big Data into personalized customer interactions. The everyday processes in CRM software will be automated to the extent that transactions and interactions will be as smooth as ever, giving salespeople time to focus in developing their business, rather than wasting time performing monotonous business processes