Livin' the Dreamforce 2015: Can Salesforce Seize the Day?

The Health Cloud – This may turn out to be Salesforce’s most important announcement – for several reasons.

Oct 6, 2015 by Vlocity
1 minute read
Can Salesforce Seize the Day

First, for years, Salesforce, despite all its pronouncements, lagged severely behind when it came to verticalization. Their partners were very good at it – lucky for the mother ship. For example, one of their new partners, getting a lot of visibility and rightfully so, Vlocity, led by Siebel industries veteran David Schmaier, is devoted to nothing but verticalizing Salesforce and with the management team they have assembled, has a damned good chance – at least on the surface since I’ve not done a deep dive yet – of being highly successful.