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A Journey, Not an End Point: A Case Study in Utility Digital Transformation

One of the world’s largest energy companies, ENGIE, is committed to being the world leader in the transition to a zero-carbon future. Achieving that goal led to a digital transformation of the business.

Mar 3, 2020 by Vlocity
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A Case Study in Utility Digital Transformation

Summary of Article published by T&D World

The digital transformation of the utilities industry is underway.

In response to pressures on their business models and customer demands for personalized energy solutions, the industry is shifting to a new model centered on customer value and digital customer and employee experiences. In fact, the only higher priority for utility companies is improvement to the top and bottom lines, according to recent research from HFS, a UK-based analyst firm specializing in the impact of digital technologies on enterprise business operations. More than 75% of the companies surveyed are planning significant investment in 2020, saying they are investing in digital workplace technologies to stay relevant with both their customers and their employees.

French-based multinational electric utility company, ENGIE, is one company remaining true to its commitment. The company is building advanced technologies to leverage offshore wind, green gas, and geothermal energy sources with 50% new projects by 2021. Its “#BlackIsTheNewGreen” campaign launched in January 2020 embodies this mission internally by encouraging reductions in corporate energy consumption. Most significantly, Engie’s integrated “as-a-service” solutions, enabled by modern cloud-based, digital technology, empower energy reduction across its customer base.

We realized we needed to focus on both the customer and employee experience . . . That goal would drive our overall digital transformation strategy.

– Emmanuel Fouché, Chief Information Officer, ENGIE

ENGIE is active in around in 70 countries, employs 150,000 people worldwide and achieved revenues of €66.6 billion in 2016. The same year, amid rising concerns about climate change, ENGIE committed itself to becoming the world leader in the transition to a zero-carbon future. As part of this transition, the company made the decision to shift from being a traditional utility company to a provider of low-carbon energy and services.

To help with the next step of its strategy, design and implementation, ENGIE turned to Accenture, Salesforce and Vlocity for the digital expertise to help build the cloud-based architecture and business models needed to support its digital transformation. Salesforce would supply the global, unified CRM platform. Accenture would help define the business model, operational processes and IT architecture, as well as implement and deploy the technology globally. And, Vlocity would deliver omnichannel and utility-specific cloud and mobile solutions on the Salesforce platform.

ENGIE, its customers, and its employees are experiencing important benefits. Along with gaining a common, intelligent view of its commercial and residential customers across more than 70 countries, Engie now has a 360-degree customer view and the capability to provide personalized recommendations and collaborate with customers on defining new solutions. At the same time, the company is able to proactively manage customer relationships using by setting mutually agreed energy usage milestones and automatically triggered alerts when nearing those thresholds to reduce energy consumption over the next 50 years.

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