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451 Research Cites Vlocity as One of Salesforce’s Top ISV Partners Leading the Way in Creating Verticalized Solutions

Salesforce Certification Proves Valuable to Consulting Partner Success.

Dec 11, 2015 by Vlocity
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451 Research Cites Vlocity as One of Salesforce’s Top ISVs

Report by Katy Ring | 451 Research

Expected to become the fourth largest software vendor in the world in 2016, Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with, much of it due to the company’s fast growing global partnership program. To continue this growth, Salesforce must continue to keep up with the demands of its enterprise customers and increase the number of smaller systems integrators (SIs). Salesforce currently reigns as the first SaaS vendor to become part of mainstream enterprise project requirements with no shortage of SIs in sight.

Additionally, Salesforce’s verticalization initiative will be integral to the company’s continuing success in 2016. As of now, Salesforce has released two vertical offerings: Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud. Since the SaaS vendor is not fully invested in specializing horizontal clouds, Salesforce has employed a partner-centric strategy to accelerate the creation of vertical applications.

Vlocity is one of the company’s top ISV partners leading the way in creating verticalized solutions that run natively on Salesforce’s platform, an additive extension which will play a key role in furthering Salesforce’s growing enterprise customer base. Salesforce, backed by Vlocity’s development of vertical sector solutions, also has a golden opportunity to upend older CRM applications and replace with industry-specific technology. Aided by special alliances with large global SIs, Salesforce will be able to attract new customer prospects and penetrate entire industries with modern, verticalized CRM technology.

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