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Digital Omnichannel Capabilities for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Vlocity Media & Entertainment provides a complete industry solution across the subscriber and advertising sales lifecycles to fully empower both B2C and B2B digital customer engagement. Learn more about our solutions, that are built natively on the Salesforce platform.

GoMedia™ Subscriber

Grow revenue through an industry-specific subscriber management solution. Quickly launch new media products across lines of business while handling peak B2C transaction volumes and B2B sales complexity.

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GoMedia™ Ad Sales

Rapidly monetize streaming content and digital media through a complete multimedia advertising solution (“Pitch to Pay”) that encompasses digital, linear, print, and outdoor advertising. Vlocity’s GoMedia Ad Sales helps you optimize revenue yield and cash flow from your ad inventory by automating omnichannel ad sales, pricing, and fulfillment.

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GoMedia™ Commerce

Vlocity and Salesforce allow Media & Entertainment companies to easily add high volume, anonymous, end-user e-commerce transactions that include advance promotions, bundling, and pricing capabilities for B2C, D2C and B2B use cases.

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GoMedia™ OTT Streaming

Deliver a greenfield subscriber management solution to enter OTT/Media/Video streaming markets. Transform existing, complicated post-paid billing and payment operating models into simpler, digital prepaid services.

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"Today’s media & entertainment companies must transform their businesses into dynamic digital and omnichannel organizations to bundle, price and sell without friction, in the customer’s channel of choice."

Christopher Dean, General Manager, Vlocity Media & Entertainment

Empower the Complete Digital Customer Lifecycle

The Media and Entertainment market is facing seismic industry changes.

Your customers expect access to the media they want, at any time, and on any device across all digital channels. These skyrocketing expectations continue to accelerate the urgency to deliver individualized experiences with one-to-one relevance. Direct-to-consumer subscription models paired with Over-The-Top media streaming are rapidly growing with customers demanding experiences as simple and easy to use as those delivered by Apple, Google, and Netflix.

Whether your business model is subscription or advertising-based, transforming to digital and agile omnichannel customer experiences is vital now in order to protect and grow your brand.

Vlocity's Value to Media & Entertainment

Vlocity delivers industry-specific digital omnichannel capabilities across the B2C/B2B sales and service life-cycles for Publishers, Paid-TV, Cable and Satellite Providers, Video Streaming (OTT) disruptors, New Digital Media, Broadcast Film, Entertainment, and Business Information Providers. Offering the industry a complete subscriber lifecycle management solution, Vlocity Media & Entertainment deploys faster while delivering a better return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

Empower customers with individualized content, product recommendations, personalized messaging, tailored communications, and the next best action to serve them. Sell more by enriching the subscriber journey with intelligent engagement across each stage, from Evaluation to Purchase, Care to Retention and Advocacy to Lasting Customer Value.

Grow subscriber value across business lines by delivering seamless access to any content, consumed anytime, and on any device. Guide subscribers through personalized offers and bundles while standardizing digital sales and service processes.

Serve free or paid subscribers intelligently with customer insight and processes tailored for specific Media & Entertainment needs, extending the power of Salesforce. Leverage industry-specific data models with predefined process capabilities, including new and existing subscriber management, bundling, and payments.

Breakaway from legacy CRM and operational system barriers with Vlocity & Salesforce’s 100% cloud platform that embeds digital Media & Entertainment capabilities across the direct-to-consumer sales and service lifecycle. Reduce the complexity of legacy systems by transforming to a digital platform that empowers business-led innovation.

Transforming the Customer Experience at Sky Italia

Delivering a better customer experience is more than just a promise, it’s a passion that’s been rewarded with enviable performance metrics. A focus on the customer has made this company the most profitable media provider in their market, with the lowest customer churn. The management team intends to keep it that way, and is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and improve.

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Vlocity’s Media & Entertainment Customers

Vlocity puts our Customers first and makes them wildly successful with our industry cloud apps and mobile apps.  Learn more about how our Customers are benefiting from Vlocity industry-specific digital transformation through customer-centricity in the cloud.

GoMedia™ Lifecycle
GoMedia™ Lifecycle
Cox Enterprise provides digital cable television, telecommunications, and Home Automation Services in the United States.
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GoMedia™ Commerce
GoMedia™ Commerce
Largest media group in Latin America, producing around 2,400 hours of entertainment and 3,000 hours of journalism each year.
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Your Guide to Media & Entertainment Digital Transformation

Vlocity Media & Entertainment plays a central role in your digital transformation, enabling you to rapidly build a vision, experience digital success through targeted delivery programs, and progressively transform the customer lifecycle over time. Vlocity’s expertise in industry-specific digital transformation extends beyond the deployment of cloud technologies, to empower the development of digital skills and an agile culture.

A few simple questions can help establish your digital readiness and start a case for change. These questions uncover digital deficiencies that Vlocity Media & Entertainment can quickly solve. For example:

  • How easily can you launch relevant, real-time media or ad offers, promotions and bundles to customers?
  • Can you deliver media streaming easily with a light subscriber lifecycle model?
  • Can you guide consumers on a self-service journey towards the next best action, product or service to meet their individualized needs?
  • Are your B2B sales teams equipped to consistently quote and capture advertising orders to accelerate time-to-revenue?
  • Are you able to protect product margins and control discounting for multi-product bundles?
  • How much control do you have of your subscriber lifecycle? Can you offer a seamless journey across digital channels for all the products and services that you offer?
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With industry change and disruption comes opportunity. In the span of 2-5 months, Vlocity Media & Entertainment can be deployed into production for one or more channels. This rapid approach not only demonstrates the capabilities of the software, but also empowers your organization with agile, cloud-native innovation.

  • Digital Experience Design and Implementation
  • Integration Configuration, including Transformations
  • Media & Entertainment Data Model
  • B2B / B2C Subscriber Lifecycle Management
  • B2B Multimedia Ad Sales
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Following the Empowerment phase, your team will be able to measure the impact of the initial implementation and plan for broader transformation across the enterprise. Digital transformation programs gain momentum through consistent, periodic releases, with each phase leveraging learnings of the prior. Vlocity recommends releases every 6-12 weeks and supports the gradual reduction of legacy systems over time.

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