Vlocity in the Insurance Contact Center

Elegant. Integrated. Easy.

Vlocity Insurance delivers a modern digital experience for your contact center representatives, with the flexibility for your IT and business lead to turn on a dime. Designing, deploying and maintaining your contact center in the cloud has never been easier. Now, when your business changes, your contact center can change with it. 

  • Craft guided interactions.
  • Tailor data and actions by type of caller.
  • Integrate disparate systems into seamless workflows.
  • Present dynamic, contextual offers and treatments.
  • Deploy service transactions to policyholders and agents.
  • Analyze usage patterns with click-level precision.

Vlocity Guided Service Interactions

Point-and-Click Simplicity for the Contact Center

Difficult business rules and dozens of systems stifle many insurance contact centers.  With Vlocity’s guided service interactions, you can tame the most complex transactions with a modern user interface and seamless data integration.  Handle times will drop, training will be easy, and your users will be able to focus their full attention on the caller.


  • Simplify tasks with a step-by-step UI.
  • Enforce business rules without coding.
  • Call out to back office systems in real time.
  • Support users with in-text scripting and contextual knowledge articles.
  • Save typing with auto-logged clicks and cases.
  • Start with insurance interactions from our process library.
  • Create your own in our drag-and-drop designer.

Vlocity Dynamic Caller Console

Tailor User Experience to Policy Type and Call Authorization

Vlocity dynamically adapts to the caller’s role, providing the user with a tailored console to contextualize the relationship and launch service interactions.  From policy holders, to agents, beneficiaries, claimants and providers – your agents will have the right data, the right actions and the best offers.


  • Innovative, Card-based User Interface.
  • Wizard-based Caller Authentication Tool.
  • Rule-based Alerts and Messages.
  • Access based on Policy State and Caller Authority.
  • Intelligent, Dynamic Offers and Treatments.
  • Seamless Computer Telephony Integration.

Vlocity Intelligent Offers

Active Learning, Delivering Real Value

Every interaction with a policyholder has a major impact on the insured’s relationship with your brand.  With Vlocity you can maximize what you can learn, and the value you can deliver, in every call.  You’ll be faster, better, and more relevant.


  • Rules-based account and contact profiling
  • Contextual clickstream profiling
  • Algorithm-driven offers and content
  • Machine-learned offer optimization
  • Automated logging and click tracking
  • Deep click stream, callout and step time analytics

Vlocity Seamless Microservices Integration

Configurable Straight Through Processing

Vlocity simplifies integration, enabling the user to process transactions across systems from a single engagement layer.  Integrate micro-services with clicks not code, and speed your progression to a comprehensive digital front end.


  • Flexibility Data Source Definitions
  • Declarative REST Call Outs
  • Visual Field and Object Mapping
  • JSON and XML Transformation Tools
  • 100% Native on Salesforce.com
  • Detailed Debugging Tools

Vlocity Agile Configuration

Speed to deploy.  Flexibility to transform.

There’s no longer a choice between going to the cloud, and having the insurance functionality you need to serve your customers.  With a rich set of pre-configured objects, and a library of downloadable business processes, Vlocity allows you deploy quickly.


  • Pre-Configured Insurance Business Processes
  • Comprehensive Pre-Built Insurance Industry Object Model
  • Built on Salesforce.com, the leading Cloud Platform
  • Drag & Drop Interaction & UI Designer
  • Declarative Data Integration Service

Vlocity True Omnichannel Deployment

Configure Once, Deploy Everywhere

Maximize call deflection by deploying service transactions simultaneously in contact center, on the web and to agents.  Configure interactions with declarative logic, and then completely restyle for any channel using web templates.  With Vlocity, you can achieve your Omnichannel vision without compromising your digital experiences.

  • Standards-based HMTL5, CSS3 and Angular JS Templates
  • Declarative Interaction and Presentation Logic
  • Reusable Integrations and Services
  • Personalization based on Channel, Product, Role and Customer
  • Deploy via Salesforce Communities, Heroku, Adobe Experience Manager, Vlocity Mobile and more.