Public Sector

It's Called Human Services for a Reason

Human Services is all about helping people navigate and access the services they need to improve their lives. Agencies are looking to move away from legacy systems to modern apps which give employees secure access to insightful client data, collaboration tools, all mobile-enabled to help them serve clients more effectively. You need CRM specifically built for government agencies, and you need all the benefits of the cloud. Now you can have both with Vlocity.


Vlocity applications are built on the Salesforce1 Platform© and are continuously enhanced to incorporate evolving best practices from our government clients.

Accelerate the
Intake Process

Accelerate the<br>Intake Process

Give employees – and clients – guided intake forms that help them get everything right the first time. Screen clients for eligibility and capture complete, high quality data to speed the intake process.

Case Management

Citizen-Centric<br>Case Management

Provide caseworkers a comprehensive view of clients and their history, including all family relationships, assessments and other interactions. Develop service plans and chart progress throughout long-term client relationships.



Improve collaboration with third-party service providers with easy-to-use, always up-to-date access to just the clients, cases and tasks assigned to them.


Vlocity Public Sector – Full Life Cycle Case Management

Health & Human Services Case Management

Health & Human Services Case Management
Are you equipping your caseworkers with a modern, mobile solution that gives them the information they need to best serve your agencies’ clients?

Enter Vlocity Public Sector. Our pre-built mobile and cloud apps support a range of social assistance programs, helping you to deliver services effectively to eligible people and households. Designed for maximum mobility, our apps provide caseworkers a complete, client-centric view of information from anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • Guided Application Intake
  • Visual Relationship Graph
  • Scored Client Assessments
  • Comprehensive Client History
  • Service Planning
  • Service Provider Matching
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Service Provider Management

Service Provider Management
You contract with many providers to help assist your clients. How do you keep closely connected to providers, and measure the results they achieve for clients?

Provide caseworkers and clients with a directory of available service providers to easily locate the one that best matches their needs. Vlocity Public Sector provides an easy-to-use portal that allows you to assign out specific clients or service plans to providers. And with all updates stored in one place, it’s easier to keep tabs on clients’ progress.

Key Features

  • Collaborative Portal for Providers
  • Service Provider Directory
  • Track Service Locations & Hours
  • Integrated Maps
  • Match Service Providers to Clients
  • Measure Provider Effectiveness
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Case Management Analytics

Case Management Analytics
Are you able to get the necessary data out of your case management systems to meet federal & state reporting requirements easily?

Vlocity Public Sector’s pre-built case management analytics application keeps you on top of your agency’s performance. See data across programs or drill into the details of a single program to understand what’s driving the results. The full capabilities of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud let you focus your energy on gaining insight from your data.

Key Features

  • Gain Insight into Programs
  • Track Agency Performance
  • Real-Time and Historical Data
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Housing Program Administration

Housing Program Administration
Are your systems keeping pace with the growing demand for Housing programs and allowing you to provide customer-centric services for people in need?

Vlocity Housing Program Administration helps agencies manage the full lifecycle of housing programs, with an array of tools for all stakeholders, including applicants, tenants, providers and housing agency employees. Built on Salesforce Service Cloud, the world’s leading customer service app, this modern, mobile-enabled application helps your agency get up and running quickly.

Key Features

  • Administer Housing Programs
  • Streamline Intake Process
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Manage Waiting Lists & Placements
  • Track Providers, Buildings & Units
  • View Full Tenant Interaction History
  • Deploy Rapidly with Cloud Apps
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics
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