GoMedia™ Subscriber

Rapidly monetize streaming content and digital media, while simultaneously serving subscribers intelligently with insight-driven processes through a complete subscriber lifecycle solution. Vlocity Media & Entertainment helps you quickly bring to market and launch media products across lines of business while handling peak B2C transaction volumes and B2B business complexity with a subscriber-based business model.

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Grow Customer Value by Managing Subscriber Journeys with Immediate Personalized Bundles and Offers.

Vlocity Media & Entertainment helps you grow faster and serve subscribers smarter by guiding consumers to select the best product or next-best-action for their needs with a complete subscriber management solution.  Offer frictionless omnichannel sales and service experiences that are Media-specific through Vlocity on the Salesforce platform.

Serve Subscribers Smarter with Vlocity’s Media & Entertainment Data Model and Process Library.

Drive greater loyalty and retention by serving customers intelligently with an industry-specific data model and packaged subscriber-model capabilities from, order-to-activation and bundling. Deflect support calls through omnichannel digital service to enable subscribers to self-care on their own terms. Use clicks not code to declaratively create new custom processes tailored to your specific business needs with Vlocity’s GoMedia™ Subscriber.

Key Features

  • Industry-Specific 360 Customer View
  • Sales and Service Subscriber Self-Care
  • Advanced Subscriber Management
  • Guided Selling & Recommendations
  • Digital Commerce for High Volume B2C Transactions
  • Advanced Promotions and Dynamic Bundling
  • Flexible Billing, Payment, Discounting, Gifting and Renewals
  • Guided Service & Troubleshooting
  • Flexible integration with third-party systems (billing and payments solutions)

"Transforming a Digital Customer Lifecycle"

with Vlocity and Sky Italia

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