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GoMedia™ OTT Streaming

Launch an OTT/video streaming business model, as a new entrant or incumbent, to offer personalized media streaming across the full subscriber lifecycle. Extend your Salesforce solution with industry-specific process flows to empower OTT subscribers to select, purchase, consume and renew OTT streaming services on their own terms with GoMedia™ OTT Streaming.

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Offer OTT Subscribers Real-Time Personalized Streaming Services and Bundled Media Solutions

Offer and sell tailored streaming services or bundled media solutions through omnichannel engagement that places your subscriber at the heart of your business.  Vlocity Media & Entertainment helps you anticipate subscriber streaming needs, in the moment, and deliver tailored recommendations through media-specific selling processes, digital commerce, guided sales flows, and seamless purchase activation.

Accelerate Your Launch of OTT Prepaid & Postpaid Media Streaming.

Rapidly launch new OTT streaming services through a unified product catalog that includes advanced promotions and personalized bundling capabilities within an agile, digital platform.  Deliver a prepaid or postpaid streaming revenue model through subscriber-specific processes that includes guided flows for purchase, bundling, renewals, upsells, cross-sells, payments, self-care and troubleshooting.

Key Features

  • Subscriber Data Model
  • Unified Product Catalog
  • Self-Service Online Sales
  • Advanced Promotions & Personalized Bundling
  • Subscriber Self-Care & Payments
  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Natively Built on Salesforce
  • Flexible Integration with Third Party Solutions


Real-time view of streaming services with sharing and rollup for multiple users, configurable alerts and notifications.

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Rapidly launch new products and offers while improving order accuracy with the responsiveness required in today’s digital economy through industry-specific quoting and order capture embedded within Salesforce’s leading digital CRM platform.

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"Transforming a Digital Customer Lifecycle"

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