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GoMedia™ Commerce

Accelerate revenues through digital commerce and sales experiences that are catalog-driven, available in your customer’s channels of choice and highly personalized. Vlocity’s GoMedia™ Commerce solution is designed to accommodate peak B2C transaction volumes driven by specialized, time limited offers. Accelerate your time-to-market, improve order accuracy and reduce sales complexity through Vlocity’s advanced promotions, bundling and pricing capabilities for B2C, D2C, and B2B use cases.

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Deliver a Customer-Centric vs. Product-Centric Path to Purchase for Media Products.

Centralize a commercial product catalog across lines of business to deliver a consistent and seamless order experience for B2B/B2C customer lifecycles.  Instead of forcing customers through a path-to-purchase based on legacy ordering systems, deliver a cohesive and engaging order lifecycle where customers can easily understand new personalized offers, quickly select the media products that meet their needs, and complete their purchase through guided selling.

Speed Matters. Get New Offers to Market Faster and Accelerate Sales Cycle Times.

Today’s media and entertainment businesses must build simpler operating models that enable easy-to-use digital subscription and payment flows in order to reduce reliance on heavy legacy billing, invoicing, and payment infrastructures. Vlocity’s powerful, cloud-native rules engines validate quotes and orders before being submitted, confirm eligibility, govern pricing, and handle any bundling or configuration complexities. Intelligent digital commerce caching dramatically reduces latency to increase responsiveness and scale elastically during peak events.

Key Features

  • Media Product Catalog
  • Advanced Promotions
  • Dynamic Bundling
  • Subscriber Configuration
  • Purchase Order Capture
  • Digital Commerce
  • Intelligent Caching
  • Attribute-Based Pricing
  • Flexible Integration to Legacy Operational Systems


Eliminate product silos, lower integration costs & complexity, and significantly reduce the launch time for new offers through a centralized digital e-commerce catalog.

Eliminate reliance on legacy systems and centralize product catalog management within an agile, cloud platform to improve responsiveness and flexibility for changing business needs.

"Transforming a Digital Customer Lifecycle"

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