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Content sales

Maximize revenues through content rights sales and syndication, allowing for improved time to market while reducing costs. Significantly improve operational efficiencies by migrating from multiple manual customer touchpoints to a single unified platform.

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Grow revenue by launching packages faster

Rapidly define and execute new packages and bundles across all channels through a unified catalog. Optimize the customer's digital experience in their channel of choice.

Overcome legacy complexity to engage your business customers seamlessly.

Reduce dependency on legacy and silo business support systems (BSS) for faster time-to-market and improved business responsiveness to customer’s needs and preferences. Streamline and simplify how customers purchase new media with flexible bundling and charging models.

Key features

Comprehensive library of prebuilt, downloadable and extensible business processes including usage and billing histories templates with delivered integration procedures to accelerate time to value.

Rapidly launch new products and offers while improving order accuracy with the responsiveness required in today’s digital economy through industry-specific quoting and order capture embedded within Salesforce’s leading digital CRM platform.

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