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Ad sales

Rapidly monetize streaming content and digital media through a next-generation “Pitch-to-Pay” converged advertising sales platform for supply-side Media & Entertainment companies that encompasses digital, linear, print, and outdoor advertising. Ad Sales helps you optimize revenue yield and cash flow from your ad inventory by automating omnichannel ad campaign sales, configuration, pricing, and integration into 3rd party order management and fulfillment systems. Reduce order leakage, control discounting, invoice and collect faster.

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Maximize ad revenue & drive operational excellence

Salesforce for Media & Entertainment helps maximize advertising revenue across all channels with a complete multimedia advertising sales solution. Complete B2B sales solution with CRM integrated with an Enterprise Product Catalog, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Management so users can work from just one platform.

Sell smarter with intelligence at every stage

Drive smarter cycles by anticipating customer needs with our highly predictive intelligence built into the solution.

Accelerate pipeline growth with a unified sales and marketing platform

Avoid deal leakage by leveraging lead scoring to prioritize follow-up, automate marketing and drive ROI with accurate quoting and contracting.

Maximize rep productivity and sell from anywhere

Enable collaboration through a sell anytime, from anywhere, mobile access tool.

Key features

Compress the sales cycle, minimize order leakage, and collect faster with a unified intelligent sales and marketing platform.

Assist content owners to maximize ad revenue across all channels (Digital, TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor).

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