Vella: Virtual Insurance Agent

Deliver the next generation of personalized insurance directly from the cloud

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Millennials and other digital natives are poised to become the largest segment of insurance buyers in the near future and are sure to challenge the industry’s traditional distribution and service channels. Vlocity’s Vella product, you can deliver the next generation of personalized insurance directly from the cloud. Vella can be completely re-styled and configured to meet your own brand and customer preferences.
  • Conversational UI
  • On-Demand Coverage
  • Connected Smart Home Protection
  • Guided Service and Claims Transactions

Key Features

  • Virtual Agent Chatbot
  • Cloud Based Rating
  • Real-Time Alerts and Recommendations
  • Guided FNOL and Auto Adjudication
  • Guided Service Transactions
  • Risk Profile and Coverage Gap Assessment
  • Salesforce IoT Integration for Home Risk Monitoring and Vehicle Telematics
  • Salesforce Einstein Sentiment API to Measure Real-time User Sentiment
  • MapAnything Platform Integration for Vehicle Telematics

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Vlocity Leverages Salesforce IoT to Offer a Modern and Consumer-friendly Approach to Personalized Insurance


Engage policyholders and offer comprehensive 24x7 customer service with a virtual agent. View current policies and add or remove coverage with a few swipes.

Easily pay premiums or file a claim with minimal typing.

Receive real-time alerts to protect your home from fire or theft, and for on-demand coverage for travel, a new pet, or valuables. IOT Cloud integration allows for mileage-based auto insurance.

Vella has the flexibility to support all lines of business, including Property & Casualty, Life, Speciality Lines, and Health. Vella is supported on iOS and Android devices

Unleashing Digital Transformation

with Vlocity and Salesforce

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