Agile end-to-end claims management to increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency.


Vlocity provides end-to-end claims management in the cloud to replace fragmented, manual processes with a streamlined digital approach -- all with little to no code required. Native and additive to the Salesforce platform, Vlocity seamlessly integrates the customer’s claims journey into their broader relationship, and easily connects to a huge ecosystem of AI and other technology solutions.

  • Guided, omnichannel First Notice of Loss
  • Automated peril-driven adjudication for claimants and providers
  • Claims Adjuster Desktop for expense management and transactions

Key Features

  • Peril-driven claims journeys
  • Auto-adjudication rules and workflows
  • Claims line items by category
  • Reserve management and financial transactions
  • Integrated document and image management
  • Flexible claims data model
  • Seamless CRM and 3rd-party integration


Give your policyholders dynamic, user-friendly FNOL experiences with minimal typing required. Get real-time coverage verification and product or peril-specific question sets. Upload documents and photos from any device and easily search for repair shops and other 3rd-party providers. Set up payments to one or multiple destinations via check or automated payments. Receive instant rules-based auto-adjudication or monitor in-process claims and payment status.

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Let your claims adjusters manage all expense activity and financial transactions in a single portal. Easily set up claims line items by category with associated coverages, payees, inputs, and approval/denial reason codes. View in-process claims, trailing document status, and activity history and manage expenses, losses, and reserves through a Financial Summary dashboard. Upload documents through a drag and drop interface and receive alerts and reminders for outstanding requirements.

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Service reps and agents can easily file a claim for a policyholder from a policy card in the 360-degree view. A guided, streamlined flow incorporates relevant policy data to accelerate the process. Upload documents and photos and easily search for 3rd-party providers.

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