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Provider network management

Transform provider network management and self-service to support greater efficiencies, compliance, and growth.

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Salesforce Industries Health optimizes network operations and provider experiences to support greater efficiencies, compliance, and growth. This solution supports seamless recruiting, credentialing, contracting, and self-service within a single cloud platform.

Key features

Salesforce Industries Health provides digital self-registration for providers and then seamlessly assesses background and legitimacy via integrated 3rd-party systems to reduce provider contract cycle times and minimize human error.

Salesforce Industries Health provides a fully-branded, user-friendly digital portal for providers to easily manage profile information, applications, licenses, payments, claims, and more. All service cases are fully tracked, providing you insight into issues and where they stand.

Salesforce Industries Health helps track key data about providers, their network affiliations, and linked benefit designs and then extends to customers so they can buy plans and determine care based on access to in-network providers.

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