Formulary, Pharmacy, and Medication Management

Create a system of record for drug formularies, pharmacy networks, and member medications to improve customer experiences and quality treatment.

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The Vlocity Health platform enables you to manage the formulary management process with providers, pharmacists, and members in the cloud. Our industry-specific solutions are 100% native and additive to Salesforce and we also provide an open integration framework to integrate 3rd-party systems. This way, you have a single platform to manage formularies, pharmacies, and medications with ease.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive data model to manage drug databases, formularies, formulary tiers, pharmacy networks, network formulary drug price, and member medications
  • Pharmacy network management to set up unique pricing scenarios and discounts for different drugs that are linked to formularies and products
  • Member notifications for formulary modifications and alternatives that are available
  • Medication directory for customers to shop plans that cover their prescription needs and also track their current medications and preferred pharmacies in their profile