Reduce Your Application Turnaround Time

By replacing “paper-driven” processes with orchestrated workflows, Vlocity can reduce your quoting cycle time by 50% or more.

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Drive Revenue Faster

Vlocity adds more than just operational improvements, we drive your top line revenue with faster time-to-decision and contextual upselling.

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Focus the Plan Options

Keep the shopping process simple by narrowing down the options presented.

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Anthem’s Top 5 Secrets to Simplify the Insurance Sales Process

Learn How Anthem is Reducing Cycle Time for Small Group Quoting and Enrollment

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Vlocity Health Insurance Blog

The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Health Insurers Today

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Offer Multiple Lines of Benefits

Vlocity supports your Large & Small Group, Individual Under 65, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid business lines. Maintain health, life, disability, and other lines of insurance all in one Master Product Catalog and Rating Engine.

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Vlocity Health Insurance for Small Group Quoting

Vlocity is focused on combining decades of healthcare expertise with decades of software delivery to build the Cloud Platform for Health Insurance. Vlocity Health Insurance Cloud supports Large and Small Group, Individual Qualified Health Plans, Medicare, and Medicaid/CHIP lines of business.

Ask the Experts

Vlocity’s team of industry experts brings decades of experience delivering front office capabilities for global health insurance providers. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Please reach out to our experts via the forms below.

Kevin Riley

Head of Healthcare Industry Experience 20 years Ask Kevin

Todd Sears

Product Management Industry Experience 18 years Ask Todd

Lisa De Nero

Vice President Healthcare East Industry Experience 20 years Ask Lisa

Raja Singh

Head of Products Industry Experience 20 years Ask Raja

Dominic Dinardo

Managing Director Europe Industry Experience 21 years Ask Dominic

Dave Orrico

Head of Americas Sales Industry Experience 32 years Ask Dave

Jason Silver

Vice President Healthcare West Industry Experience 15 years Ask Jason

Tim Hargarten

Advisory Industry Experience 36 years Ask Tim

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