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One Solution For Your Entire Customer Base

A single solution to support your full customer base, from residential to the largest commercial and industrial business customers, across marketing, sales, service, contract management, and 3rd party partners.

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Utilities and Energy service providers often grapple with the challenge of delivering a better customer experience across their entire customer base while reducing their cost to serve. Are your systems up to the task?

Vlocity Energy & Utilities provides deep insight to every customer relationship, whether that is an individual Customer, or a large business with 100’s of sites.

The complete journey of all customers is captured, and leveraged to enable customer satisfaction, whether that is easily managing customer service requests, to complex quotations and linked contracts for your larger customers and key accounts. Our applications help customers self-serve across multiple channels, and enable contact center agents to deliver efficient service from a unified console, without having to navigate across multiple applications. Complete visibility of customer activity, interests and experience is easy to consume to enable agents to connect quickly with customers.

Achieving service excellence requires actionable intelligence and continuous process improvement.

Vlocity Energy allows you to monitor the click-stream from every contact center interaction and generates actionable insight that helps Utilities and Energy companies deliver a better experience and make better decisions. Utility providers can identify the drivers of customer churn, evaluate call handling metrics and the performance of different call scripts and agent teams.

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Customer Console
  • Manage your residential, commercial, and industrial customers in one dynamic application
  • Omnichannel Interaction History
  • Create and manage complex Industrial and Commercial contracts
  • Guided processes specific to the industry
  • Operational Efficiency Analytics
  • Customer NPS and Churn Analytics
  • Flexible Integration to Billing and Operational systems

Generate Accurate Quotes & Orders and Automate the Service Change Process

Vlocity ensures the accurate capture of quote through to order and fulfillment in any channel or on any device.

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