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Transform Agents into Advisors

Enhance the service center experience with intuitive interfaces for greater deflection, lower handle times, and faster agent training.

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As utilities and energy service companies use more and more mobile apps and personalized service portals, Salesforce Industries Energy & Utility Cloud provides your customers with access to your services wherever they are, day or night.

Deliver first line support to your most common requests and maintain low cost of service

With Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities Cloud, your service agents can pick up partially completed service requests, and help your customer resolve their problems swiftly and efficiently without the need to restate or repeat the problem. Continuous improvement is performance driven, enabling you to invest in improvements that will have the highest impact on customer satisfaction. Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities Cloud also enables service engagements to generate increased revenue opportunities – offering targeted promotions and relevant up-sell opportunities, while interacting with your customer.

Key features

Generate accurate quotes & orders and automate the service change process

Salesforce Industries ensures the accurate capture of quote through to order and fulfillment in any channel or on any device.

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