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Seamless customer engagement on all channels

Serve and acquire customers seamlessly across Social Media, Web, Mobile, and Contact Center, and delight your agents with a single service pane.

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Today’s energy and water utility customers expect seamless experiences and more personalized engagement from their contact centers and mobile self-service. Thriving in this digital age requires truly knowing your diverse customer base, anticipating their needs, and providing delightful experiences every time. Legacy utility operational systems weren’t built to deliver this experience, but that shouldn’t stop you from modernizing. Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud now gives energy and utility companies an agile customer system decoupled from legacy billing and back-office applications, unifying contact centers and self-service experiences to keep customers happy.

Create rich, integrated customer journeys

Customers can engage seamlessly with the utility and have a consistently great experience on any device, with any live agent, web service or chatbot.

Personalized sales and service any time and place

Deliver guided digital service and sales transactions integrated across today’s distributed contact center and online self-service channels.

One unified view

Say goodbye to fragmented data sources and swivel-chair consoles that are already outdated before they load. The Utility 360 Console masters and orchestrates customer data in a single, clean view.

Key features

Generate accurate quotes & orders and automate the service change process

Salesforce Industries ensures the accurate capture of quote through to order and fulfillment in any channel or on any device.

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