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Innovate with your most valuable C&I customers

Powerful, data-driven tools and agility help you optimize offers, automate approvals and quickly generate complex contracts for your most valuable business customers and key accounts.

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Speed matters. Generate complex, customized C&I quotes faster and more accurately.

Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities Cloud Energy and Utilities supports rich commercial and industrial pricing ,quotation, and contract management for utilities and retail energy service providers. It enables sales and service professionals, partners, and customers to generate accurate quotes and initiate product and service provisioning for complex B2B contracts as well as B2C bundles.

Energy & Utilities Cloud Order Management takes a completed contract from agreement to fulfillment. It enables the breakdown of contracts into orders for their component parts (decomposition) and then orchestrates those pieces across systems and parties for fulfillment of energy & utility contracts. This includes capabilities supporting the competitive market switching process and complex C&I (B2B) contract fulfillment.

Collaborate via the Cloud, with applications that guide Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Channel Partners Through the configuration of complex quotes and multi-site, asset-based orders

Powerful rules engines validate quotes and orders before they’re submitted and minimize order delays and fallout. With unique guided order capture, coupled with intelligent pricing anda custom-created contract, Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities Cloud enables speed and scale of new product sales, order capture and delivery orchestration. Ramp up your products and services, and set the market trends ahead of your competition. Respond to customers changing needs and regulatory defined schemes quickly, and without incurring significant one-time costs to roll out your solutions. help service providers quickly define and launch new offers, and guide sales reps and channel partners through the configuration of complex quotes and multi-site, asset-based orders.

Quickly launch new products and service offerings

Energy & Utilities Cloud also enables new products and services to be quickly released in partnership with your network of partners – for example, solar panel installation, home storage technology, delivering home appliance efficiency programs, increased insulation, installation and configuration of home automation and smart thermostats.

Key features

Generate accurate quotes & orders and automate the service change process

Salesforce Industries Energy & Utilities Cloud ensures the accurate capture of quote through to order and fulfillment in any channel or on any device.

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