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Want to Grow Revenue? Your Old CRM System May Be Holding You Back

Thriving in the digital age requires increased agility and the ability to know your customers, give them control, and adapt to their situation. You need CRM specifically built for your industry, and you need all the benefits of the cloud. Now you can have both with Vlocity.


Vlocity Communications applications can be deployed more quickly, integrated more flexibly with your existing BSS and OSS systems and regularly enhanced with new innovation - at a fraction of the cost of on-premise CRM systems. And, they’re delivered with much faster time to value than in the past thanks to the cloud.

Time To Value

Faster<br>Time To Value

Vlocity Communications can be quickly integrated with on-premise CRM systems to support new channels, product offers and lines of business, and assume all functions over time. Pre-built connectors to Siebel CRM, and other BSS and OSS systems facilitate rapid deployment.



We design, build, and test our products in close collaboration with Salesforce and with our strategic customers; when we launch major product releases and upgrades three times a year, new features are added seamlessly.

Lower Total
Cost Of Ownership

Lower Total<br>Cost Of Ownership

Vlocity Communications’ embedded communications industry processes and best practices obviate the need to make and maintain costly customizations, and since it’s managed from the cloud, there is no infrastructure to buy or maintain.


Vlocity and Salesforce have jointly developed industry solutions for service providers serving business and consumer customers

“One and Done” Service for Consumers

“One and Done” Service for Consumers
Communications service providers often grapple with the challenge of delivering a better customer experience and increasing loyalty while reducing their cost to serve. Are your systems up to the task?

Vlocity Communications provides deep insight to every customer relationship and enables service providers to automate the resolution of common billing and service inquiries through any channel. Our applications help customers self-serve through unassisted channels, and enable contact center agents to deliver efficient service from a unified console, without having to navigate across multiple applications.

Achieving service excellence requires actionable intelligence and continuous process improvement.

Vlocity Communications monitors the click-stream from every contact center interaction and generates actionable insight that helps service providers deliver a better experience and make better decisions. Service providers can identify the drivers of customer churn, evaluate call handling metrics and the performance of different call scripts and agent teams.

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Customer View
  • Omni-Channel Interaction History
  • View Active Services & Devices
  • Guided Billing Service
  • Guided Service Troubleshooting
  • Operational Efficiency Analytics
  • Customer NPS and Churn Analytics
  • Flexible Integration to BSS/OSS
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Perfect the Purchase Experience

Perfect the Purchase Experience
The proliferation of communications services, content, devices, and tariff plans can make the purchase experience complex and time-consuming for consumers. Are you making it easy for customers to buy from you?

Vlocity Communications swiftly guides customers, contact center agents, and retail store clerks through the purchase process, and recommends products based on customer location, preferences, current services, devices and promotions. Powerful rules engines optimize and personalize the shopping experience in both assisted and unassisted channels, and ensure the capture of accurate orders.

Optimizing the delivery of promotional offers and the execution of upsell and cross-sell tactics is crucial to growing customer revenue.

Vlocity Communications monitors the click-stream from every contact center interaction and generates actionable insight that helps service providers continuously fine-tune their selling efforts. Compare the performance of different contact center agents, offers, and selling scripts, and immediately apply best practices to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.

Key Features

  • Omni-Channel Interaction History
  • View Active Services & Devices
  • Service Availability Check
  • Customer Eligibility Check
  • Guided Selling & Recommendations
  • Capture & Configure MACD Orders
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell Analytics
  • Flexible Integration to BSS/OSS
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Deliver the Perfect Order

Deliver the Perfect Order
Success in selling complex B2B communications services requires deep customer insight. We can help your sales teams and channel partners sell smarter.

Vlocity Communications provides visibility to customers’ key buyers and influencers, existing services and competitive whitespace, buying preferences, and billing and usage patterns.

Speed matters. Get new offers to market faster and accelerate lead to order cycle time.

Our applications help service providers quickly define and launch new offers, and guide sales reps and channel partners through the configuration of complex quotes and multi-site, asset-based orders. Powerful rules engines validate quotes and orders before they’re submitted and minimize order delays and fallout.

Key Features

  • Product Catalog
  • Rules-Based Offer Designer
  • Customer Relationship Graph
  • View Active Services & Devices
  • Multi-site Quoting & Order Capture
  • Attribute-Based Configuration & Pricing
  • Contract Generation & Signature Capture
  • Flexible Integration to BSS/OSS
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Go Digital with Vlocity & MATRIXX Software

Go Digital with Vlocity & MATRIXX Software
A fast-track solution enabling telcos to differentiate on customer experience and launch a digital service proposition in just 3 months.

With Go Digital™ communications customers can define their own experience: they can easily try, buy and manage digital services, track their usage in real-time, receive smart alerts which allow one-click purchasing of top-ups, share selected balances with friends, add roaming passes on-the fly and consume services in bite size chunks to better match their needs. Customers will also enjoy a consistent service experience, regardless of device or channel of engagement.

A solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Go Digital™ is based on the Salesforce platform and combines Vlocity Communications Industry Cloud apps and the MATRIXX Digital Commerce platform to offer a complete out-of-box pre-integrated solution to DSPs. Go Digital™ incorporates a unified communications data model (based on TM Forum-SID) which allows workflow configuration and data exchange between applications without complex systems integration.

Key Features

  • Real-time Usage Visibility
  • Real-time Account Control
  • Personalized Offers
  • Mobile Onboarding
  • Omni-channel Customer Experience
  • Guided Selling and Service Processes
  • Catalog-Driven Bundles & Offers
  • High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Platform
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